Le Chateau Cafe

Le Chateau Cafe.

Le Chateau Cafe, located at 2 Broadway, was started about 1927. It was first called the Broadway Confectionary run by the Ginakes Brothers. The brothers were Andrew, John, Nicholas and Constantine Ginakes, all born in the town of Niata, Greece. The brothers came to the United States between 1919 and 1921, and eventually settled in Fargo. Together they opened the confectionary business, and by 1930 they were using the name Le Chateau. In the spring of 1937, the business went under a major renovation and was advertised in the Spectrum NDAC newspaper as the “Most modern cafe in the Northwest”. The cafe offered hand dipped chocolates and confections in the front of the store and a restaurant and bar in the rear. By this time, Andrew and John had moved on to businesses of their own. The business ceased to exist about 1942, and by 1945 the space was occupied by Johnson Shoe Co.

In the photograph below, we can see the interior of the cafe. On the left is Nick Ginakes. The woman to the left rear is Ida Jacobson. The cafe was owned by Nicholas Ginakes or his brother Constantine.

Le Chateau Cafe interior.

Le Chateau Cafe tray.

The cafe tray shown right has a small raised dot in the center so the tray spins around.

The photographs of the interior and tray were provided by Brad Graber.