Plymouth Congregational Church

Plymouth Congregational Church.

The Plymouth Congregational Church was organized on April 25, 1885, by Reverend William Ewing and was the outgrow of work begun by Reverend O.C. Clark, the first Congregational pastor in Fargo in 1881.

The congregation began with 10-12 original members. The 1893 Fargo City Directory states that the church was founded in 1884 and had a membership of 50 in 1893 when Reverend A.H. Tebbets was the pastor.

The congregation's first church was built by a Mr. Clark on Ninth Avenue North near Tenth Street. It was moved in 1884 to the west side of Broadway between 8th and 9th Avenues, where it was blown down in a gale on July 7, 1890. The church was rebuilt at a cost of $3000 and dedicated on December 21, 1890. A parsonage was added in 1893 at a cost of $1200. The church is shown in the 1913 postcard to the right. The church was sold in 1962 to the First Christian Church of Fargo.

The church's third building opened on January 6, 1963, at its new site 17th Avenue and 11th Street South.