Stone Sanitarium

Stone Sanitarium at 611 South Eighth Street.

At some point (20's-30's?), Doctor Guy Stone, purchased the former residence of Mrs. C.A. Roberts at 611 South Eighth Street and opened the Stone Sanitarium and Hospital. The facility offered everything from a surgery unit to baths. It seems to have spanned the spectrum from health spa to hospital.

Dr. Stone also had a sanitarium at 1307 North Broadway. I do not know which was in operation first.

A brochure from the facility asked potential clients:

"Why not take an inventory of yourself? Get an expert to inspect your stomach, size up your liver, test the efficiency of your kidneys, listen to your heart and lungs, count your blood cells, feel your arteries, find your blood pressure, take your weight and measure your strength."

Stone Sanitarium at 1307 North Broadway.