Strand Theater

Strand Theater.

This enlarged and cropped real photograph postcard dates from 1919-1923. The photographer is looking north and we can see the east side of Broadway from Third Avenue North to the Ford building. The Strand Theater was located in the center of the block.

The Strand theater, built at a cost of $15,000 opened on Monday, March 29,1915. It was located at 309 Broadway in the Sons of Norway building and seated 400. The Strand was owned by Christ Wilhelmson and managed by Abel Erickson. The Fargo Forum reported the Strand as "innovative in the use of girl ushers." Miss Tilda Tolfson and Mrs. E.H. Middagh were the groundbreaking ushers! Music at the theater was provided by "The Photo-Player," described as "the most wonderful instrument west of Chicago." Whatever it was, it cost over $4,000 to install. The opening night showing was "The Escape," and seats were 10¢-15¢ in the afternoon and 25¢ in the evening. Later shows that week included "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "The Avenging Conscience." Wilhelmson later sold the theater which burned down in 1923.

Two years later, the Fargo Theater opened across the street.

In the postcard below, the Strand advertised an upcoming Charlie Chaplin show. The "Chaplin Mutuals" were produced in 1916-1917.

Strand Theater postcard.

Strand Theater postcard.