United Block

United Block.

The United Block was built in 1878. It was located at 518-520 Front Street (Main Avenue). The photograph above was taken in 1879 by photographer F. J. Haynes and it shows the businesses of Goodman & Yerxa groceries and dry goods, J.M. McNaughton & Co. Hardware, and a restaurant. The Yerxa store would later move to the corner of Broadway and N.P. Avenue. The Max Stern Clothing House was also located in this building from 1888 to 1901. In 1891, James R. Crane opened Cranes Hotel in the building. Then in the mid-1890s the hotel became the European Hotel. In 1910, it was remodeled and called the Plaza Hotel. The building was destroyed by fire on December 27, 1911. After the fire, the Hotel Annex was rebuilt on the site of the United Block.

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