Online Exhibit:

Building Life and Home on the Prairie
Showcases the material and architectural culture of early German-Russian settlers in North Dakota and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about their heritage and history. The online exhibit offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to celebrate the unique heritage of German-Russians and their significant role in the history of North Dakota and the Northern Plains. It includes expansive information, audio clips from oral history interviews, photographs, and interactive elements.

Currently on display at the GRHC:

The Story of the Germans from Russia: Germans Who Journey to Russia, and Then to America Seeking Freedom and Prosperity
Tells the story of the Germans from Russia in a timeline format.

Preserving Architecture: Sustaining German-Russian Heritage
Describes the architectural techniques employed by the Germans from Russia when they settled the Northern Plains. It also includes a few historic sites in North Dakota that demonstrate these techniques.

Homesteads of North Dakota, from the Father William C. Sherman Photograph Collection
This exhibit highlights photographs from the Father William C. Sherman Photograph Collection, which encompasses over 13,000 black and white photographs, negatives, color slides, floor plans, and site survey documents. The subjects include houses, sheds, barns, and various agricultural structures. The Sherman Collection photographs can be viewed at

Iron Spirits: North Dakota Blacksmith made Grave Crosses Wrought-Iron Crosses
Photography exhibit from the book, Iron Spirits, published by the North Dakota Council on the Arts. Wrought Iron Cross by Jeff Malm

Wheat Straw Artwork

Prairie Public documentary posters feature the award-winning television documentaries of the Germans from Russia Series.

Past Exhibits
Exhibits produced by other museums and archives