Finding aids assist in locating physical archival materials. These items may be viewed, by appointment, at the NDSU Archives (701-231-8877) or at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC - 701-231-8416).

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Jon G. Lindgren Fargo Mayoral Records, 1978-1994 

    Lindgren, Jon G.
    This collection contains materials relating to Jon Lindgren’s time as mayor. They include budget reports, letters written to various people, dealing with different disputes and companies, and personnel files. The files are ...
  • Griggs County Oil Company Records, 1924-1949 

    Griggs County Oil Company
    This collection contains a sampling of weekly reports, called Gallon reports, from individual pumps; gasoline coupons and ration cards; and a sampling of weekly reports from a subsidiary called Larson Oil Company. There ...
  • Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency Records, 1970-1976 

    Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency
    The collection covers the time period of 1970 to 1976 and contains materials relating to the running of the organization. This includes organizational materials, financial documents, meeting minutes, materials relating to ...
  • Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection 

    Unknown author
    The Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection contains photographs, family genealogy, books, and some artifacts from Marie and her husband, Hal. The Collection has been organized into 8 Series: Biographical Material, Genealogy, Red ...
  • Valley Medical Network Records, 1976-1997 

    Valley Medical Network
    This collection has two parts, the first being relating to the group itself. The second part, is the newsletter for the group. In the records pertaining to the group, there are financial records, meeting minutes, committee ...
  • Gerald A. Richardson Correspondence, 1953-2007 

    Richardson, Gerald A.
    Both personal and work related correspondence collected by Gerald "Jerry" Richardson, both before and during his career in Communications and University Relations at N.D.S.U.
  • Amenia & Sharon Land Company Verified Bills and Accounts Records, 1918-1930 

    Amenia and Sharon Land Company
    This collection deals with bills and accounts for the Amenia and Sharon Land company from 1918 through the end of 1930. The bills come from a variety of sources and accounts detail such things as blankets being returned.
  • Finding Aid to the Hollyhock Homemaker’s Club Records 

    Hollyhock Homemakers’ Club
    This collection consists of several booklets on running a homemakers’ club that include such things as secretary duties, duties of the president, etc. It also includes two activity books to help run a “Santa’s Workshop” ...
  • Manor Farms Crop Records 

    Amenia and Sharon Land Company
    This collection contains the records pertaining to the 1924 crops that have records for variety of crops including wheat, barley, flax, oats, corn, and clover. The collection is arranged by section number. The records ...
  • Donna Nalewaja Photograph Collection 

    Nalewaja, Donna
    The Donna Nalewaja Photograph Collection contains personal and promotional photos, mainly pertaining to her political career from roughly 1982-1999, as a Republican North Dakota state legislator. It incorporates photos of ...
  • Arthur O. and Selma “Sally” Eide Knold Letters, 1940 

    Knold, Author O.; Knold, Selma Annette Eide
    This collection contains letters mostly between Arthur and Sally, though there are a handful of letters to other people. The collection is in date order by the postmark on the envelopes. Many of the letters are written ...
  • Jane Skjei Papers 

    Skjei, Jane
  • Thomas Newgard Collection 

    Newgard, Thomas
    The Thomas Newgard Collection consists primarily of the North Dakota county atlases that he photocopied from published atlases and used to document ethnicity of many of the farm owners for his book "Patterns on the Prairie: ...
  • Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota Records 

    Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota
    The Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota Records primarily document the history and activities of the association from its beginnings as the North Dakota Speech and Theater Association from the ...
  • Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Records, 1940-1981 

    Fargo-Moorhead Symphony
    The collection contains correspondence between board members and donrs; board meeting minutes; budget reports, programs from events, and a historical booklet detailing the history and 50th anniversary of the orchestra.
  • William and Dr. Cynthia Macnider Collection 

    Macnider, William; Macnider, Cynthia Estella Pingree; Macnider, William; Macnider, Cynthia Estella Pingree
    Copies of notes related to William Macnider, a rancher and store owner from Emmonsburg, North Dakota, and his wife, Dr. Cynthia (Pingree) Macnider, physician at Fort Yates.
  • Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.) Records, 1883-1919, 1931, 1959 

    Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.); Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.)
    The Cooperstown School District Records consists of records accumulated by Myrtle Porterville who took an early interest in the history of Griggs County. She did extensive research and collecting while teaching in Cooperstown. ...

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