Finding aids assist in locating physical archival materials. These items may be viewed, by appointment, at the NDSU Archives (701-231-8877).

Items contained in this collection include personal papers and organization records with enduring historic value. NDSU Institute for Regional Studies provides these resources to support research within the NDSU community and beyond.

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Recent Submissions

  • Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota Records 

    Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota
    The Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota Records primarily document the history and activities of the association from its beginnings as the North Dakota Speech and Theater Association from the ...
  • Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Records, 1940-1981 

    Fargo-Moorhead Symphony
    The collection contains correspondence between board members and donrs; board meeting minutes; budget reports, programs from events, and a historical booklet detailing the history and 50th anniversary of the orchestra.
  • William and Dr. Cynthia Macnider Collection 

    Macnider, William; Macnider, Cynthia Estella Pingree; Macnider, William; Macnider, Cynthia Estella Pingree
    Copies of notes related to William Macnider, a rancher and store owner from Emmonsburg, North Dakota, and his wife, Dr. Cynthia (Pingree) Macnider, physician at Fort Yates.
  • Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.) Records, 1883-1919, 1931, 1959 

    Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.); Cooperstown Public School District (N.D.)
    The Cooperstown School District Records consists of records accumulated by Myrtle Porterville who took an early interest in the history of Griggs County. She did extensive research and collecting while teaching in Cooperstown. ...
  • St. Luke’s School of Nursing Records 

    St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing; St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing
    The St. Luke’s School of Nursing Records document the business of the school, from 1924 to the dissolution in 1987. The bulk of the records are from the last thirty years of operation.
  • Claud C. Dwyer Diaries 

    Dwyer, Claud C.; Dwyer, Claud C.
    Six handwritten diaries chronicling the day-to-day life of Claud Dwyer, a young farmer, during the years 1886 through 1894 in Brandenburg Township, Richland County, Dakota Territory.
  • Prairie Squares Records, 1962-2000; Crescent Squares Records, 1968-1982 

    Prairie Squares; Crescent Squares; Prairie Squares; Crescent Squares
    The Prairie Squares and Crescent Squares Records consist of instructional square dancing manuals and pamphlets, movement guides, historical magazines, local histories of North Dakota square dance clubs, meeting minutes, ...
  • “Glacier Maid” by Donald Lindberg and “Cyanide Treatment of the Denbigh Gold Sands by Deane L Purves” Papers, 1932, 1962 

    Purves, Deane L.; Lindberg, Donald; Purves, Deane L.; Lindberg, Donald
    Two school papers, one written by Deane L. Purves for Denbigh Gold Sands testing and mining in North Dakota; and the other, Glacier Maid, is about gold mining near Minot, North Dakota, written by Donald Lindberg. Both ...
  • Writings of Lynn Bueling, 2013-2017 

    Bueling, Lynn; Bueling, Lynn
    The 88 items in this collection are re-printings of articles Lynn Bueling wrote for various publications. They detail life in North Dakota and the history of World War I.
  • Hale Aarnes Speeches, 1943-1969 

    Aarnes, Hale; Aarnes, Hale
    The numerous handwritten and typed speeches he gave to many organizations and events by Hale Aarnes, former chairman of the NDSU Education Department.
  • Fargo Lions Club Records, 1983-2016 

    Fargo Lions Club; Fargo Lions Club
    The records document the activities of a established and active service and philanthropic organization in the Fargo-Moorhead community.
  • Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce Records, 1987-2006 

    Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce; Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce Collection holds information dating from 1987 to 2004 including the merger of the Fargo and Moorhead branch. The merger-related records include: transition committee records, merger voter information, ...
  • Fargo-Moorhead PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Records, 1988-2004. 

    Fargo-Moorhead PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays); Fargo-Moorhead PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
    The Fargo-Moorhead PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) was established in September 1986. A Statement of Purpose gives “Our group of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (Parents-Flag, or P-Flag) ...
  • J. Edward Tufft Papers, 1915-1939 

    Tufft, J. Edward; Tufft, J. Edward
    James Edward Tufft was born on a farm in the St. Thomas, ND area. He was a newspaper editor, and was a special correspondent for a number of business journals. For many years he contributed articles for various journals ...
  • Fargo (N.D.). Department of Parks and Recreation Records, 1910-2010 

    Fargo (N.D.). Department of Parks and Recreation; Fargo (N.D.). Department of Parks and Recreation
    Records of the Fargo Department of Parks and Recreation Department, which was established in 1910. Collection consists of the following series: Proceedings, Ordinances, Financial Records, Scrapbooks, Fargo Street Maps, ...
  • “A World War II History” by Sebastian L. Vogel, Record, n.d. 

    Vogel, Sebastian L.; Vogel, Sebastian L.
    This small collection continues a recounting of several events that happened to during World War II. It also includes a copy of a telegram from the military listening him as alive rather than missing in action and a letter ...
  • Pamphlets on oil in North Dakota Records 

    Leonard, Arthur; United States Geological Survey; Leonard, Arthur; United States Geological Survey
    This small collection contains two items. The first is a small pamphlet written by A. G. Leonard about the possibilities of oil and gas in North Dakota. The second item is a map by the U.S. Geological survey showing rock ...
  • St. John’s Hospital yearly reports and records, 1907-1909 

    St. John's Hospital; St. John's Hospital
    This booklet contains a brief history of the hospital, photographs, and report on the types of cases that were treated at St. John’s. There is also a section on the training of nurses at St. John’s which includes a schedule ...
  • "Profiles of the Residents of Grafton in Walsh County in 1885" and "Residents of Grafton, Walsh County, Recorded in the 1885 Territorial Census," Records, 2013 

    Loos, James; Loos, James
    James Loos complied data from the 1885 Dakota Territory census on Grafton, North Dakota and extrapolated data from it to look at the town as a whole but also the residents themselves and Walsh County.
  • Builders and Traders Exchange Records, 1936 

    Unknown author
    This small collection contains several pieces that have pricing for building materials as well as two contracts for pricing a building.

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