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    • Soroptimist International of Fargo Records, 1951-2014 

      Soroptimist International of Fargo (1/12/2016)
      The Soroptimist International of Fargo, ND Records consists of club information, procedures and bylaws, correspondence, meeting minutes and conference reports, service information, treasurer and financial records, newsletters, ...
    • Frank J. Herman Papers, 1953-1957 

      Herman, Frank John (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence, notes from three extensive interviews (original typed copies and carbon copy with corrections) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Grandin Farm near Grandin, N.D., J.L. Grandin, Guy Grandin, Herman's job ...
    • Complete Farm Record Book, 1955 

      Dakota National Bank (10/1/2012)
      This income tax farm record book is planned for use by farmers as a daily record of all their income and expense items. When summarized on an annual basis, it will provide the required information for use in preparing their ...
    • Christ Menge Papers, 1934-1967 

      Menge, Christ (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence, interviews, autobiographical sketch, histories of Lockhart Farm, Lockhart, Minn., and Mylo, N.D., legal materials, blueprint maps of several townships in Norman County, Minn., obituaries, and clippings ...
    • Frank A. Harris Papers, 1918-1954 

      Harris, Frank A. (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence, poems, legal materials, and clippings, chiefly relating to Harris's daily activities; and pamphlets, including one entitled Charles Curtis Amidon.
    • Dewell E. Viker Papers, 1946-1958 

      Viker, Dewell E. (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence, interview, legal material, map, and newspaper clippings, relating to Viker's purchase of Grandin Farm Trust (formerly Grandin Farm No. 1), bonanza farm headquartered in Mayville, Traill County, N.D., in 1946.
    • Sinner Family Collection, 1953-1998 

      Sinner Family (10/1/2012)
      Clippings which mention the SB & B partnership, a Sinner family reunion, various Sinner family members, and a letter, dated Sept. 25, 1964, from President Lyndon B. Johnson.
    • James W. Lydon Papers, circa 1960s 

      Lydon, James W. (10/1/2012)
      Photocopy of undated, typed manuscript detailing the origins of the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad, the Wisconsin Central Railroad Company and the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Co. that ...
    • Harry T. Alsop Papers, 1882, 1919-1948 

      Alsop, Harry T. (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence of Alsop and his father, Harry W. Alsop, concerning steamboating on the Red River, reminiscences and speeches of both Alsops, and newspapers clippings.
    • John McDougal Papers, 1923, 1955 

      McDougall, John (10/1/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (7 leaves) with John and Dora (Lathrop) McDougall concerning their fathers, John McDougall and Murrilow Dow Lathrop, and their work on the Antelope Farm, Dora's job as clerk, bookkeeper, and ...
    • Donnybrook, N.D. High School Reunion Booklets, 1970 

      Donnybrook High School (Donnybrook, N.D.) (10/1/2012)
      Two separate alumni booklets that cover the same time period, 1916 to 1970 yet are different in content. Each includes a listing by year of graduates with biographical information submitted by that person. One has a cover ...
    • David Askegaard Collection, 1953-1957 

      Askegaard, David (10/1/2012)
      Biographical sketch (1 leaf) based on information supplied by his son Eugene in an interview with Leonard Sackett, a copy of the song, “The Last Sunset” by his daughter Mathilde Emilie Askegaard, and newspaper clippings.
    • Richard H. Hankinson Collection 

      Hankinson, Richard H. (10/1/2015)
      Senior paper by Vernon Quam, North Dakota State University student, on the life of Col. Hankinson, with mention of his Civil War service, his farm in Richland County (N.D.), and his involvement with Northwestern Telegraph ...
    • Jacob J. Lawrence Family Papers 

      Lawrence, Jacob J. (10/10/2012)
      Correspondence, typed summary of detailed interview (6 leaves) and corrections with wife Rosa Hofner Lawrence and daughter Ruth, concerning Rosa's parents, John Hofner (1849-1900), German immigrant from the Rhine River ...
    • George W. Tracy Papers, 1955-1958 

      Tracy, George W. (George Win) (10/10/2012)
      Two detailed interviews (17 leaves and 9 leaves) with Leonard Sackett decribing the Tracy family's experiences at Amenia and Sharon farm, with mention of the farm buildings, other hired men, poor quality food, E.W. Chaffee's ...
    • Henry P. Tracy Papers, 1921-1955 

      Tracy, Henry Phelps (10/10/2012)
      Mimeographed copies of several newspaper articles and newspaper clippings by Hal Tracy and some by his father, J. Don Tracy, concerning pioneer life in North Dakota. Includes mention of hailstorms, the physical breakdown ...
    • Robert B. Reed Papers, 1955-1960 

      Reed, Robert B. (10/10/2012)
      Typed summary of first interview (12 leaves) with Leonard Sackett includes mention of the Chaffee family, Helendale Farm, description of a round grain elevator at Amenia, handling grain, his uncle, Cornelius Reed, who ...
    • Alfred Johnson Financial Journals 

      Johnson, Alfred (10/14/2015)
      Financial journals relating to Johnson's photography business.
    • Tollef Torgerson Collection 

      Torgerson, Tollef (10/15/2015)
      Typed summary of interview (5 leaves) concerning the George S. Barnes farm. Includes mention of various hired men who worked with Torgerson, horses and cattle on the Barnes Farm, shipping horses to logging camps in northern ...
    • Myron Sommerfeld and the Bon Bon Brass Collection 

      Sommerfeld, Myron (10/15/2015)
      Newspaper clippings, brochure, and picture postcard of band members. Clippings give a brief history of the band, originally formed in 1929 by Rhieny Sommerfeld, under the name "The Red Jackets."