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    • A. D. Lintelmann Collection 

      Lintelmann, A. D.; Lintelmann, A. D. (2012-07-18)
      Correspondence, 2004; thirty-one maps relating to Russian-German settlement, c. 1955- 2005; four books relating to Russian-German settlement maps, 2000, 2001.
    • Agnes (Kraft) Stevens Collection 

      Stevens, Agnes (Kraft); Stevens, Agnes (Kraft) (2012-11-19)
      History of the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Strasburg, Emmons County, North Dakota during its 25th Anniversary celebration in 1914.
    • Alice (Woehl) Buerkley Collection 

      Buerkley, Alice (Woehl); Buerkley, Alice (Woehl) (2012-03-15)
      Three German language hymnals from the Berlin and Fredonia Baptist Church in McIntosh County, North Dakota; dating to 1897 and 1927.
    • Alvina Schurr Collection 

      Schurr, Alvina; Schurr, Alvina (2013-06-13)
      Twelve photographs of the Schurr, Hartwig, Bauer, Peltz, Redman, and Grenz families; circa 1880s-1920s.
    • Andrew Johs Collection 

      Johs, Andrew; Johs, Andrew (2011-09-22)
      A collection of German folk song texts, words to an Easter cantata, and four books.
    • Anne (Roesch) Larson Collection 

      Larson, Anne (Roesch); Larson, Anne (Roesch) (2012-02-21)
      The bulk of this collection consists of photocopies of correspondence to and from Germans from Russia, dating from 1917-1950. Many of these have been translated into English. Also present is family information from Anne ...
    • Anne P. Livak Collection 

      Livak, Anne P.; Livak, Anne P. (2012-11-20)
      Greeting card dating from the late 1950s to the early 1980s
    • Anton Friedrich Collection 

      Friedrich, Anton; Friedrich, Anton (2012-03-27)
      A collection of Romanian marriage, birth, and baptism certificates, a passport and a shawl; all dating to about the late 1920s.
    • Ardith (Amundson) James Collection 

      James, Ardith (Amundson); James, Ardith (Amundson) (2013-05-29)
      Letter from 1937; two pedigree charts for the Amundson and Neumiller families; ten copied images of the Milde, Neumiller, Amundson, and Munsch families, dating from 1895 to 1997; and a woolen Afghan, circa 1960s.
    • August Schumacher Family Collection 

      Thurn, Shirley; Thurn, Shirley (2012-07-18)
      A Lutheran Bible, published that was owned by the Schumacher family of Ashley, North Dakota.
    • Baumgartner/Berglund Collection 

      Miller, Michael; Miller, Michael (2004)
      Collection contains family heritage of the Baumgartner-Berglund family, photographs and multimedia materials.
    • Bernd Längin Collection 

      Längin, Christiane; Längin, Christiane (2012-12-12)
      48 German and English books, dating from 1925 to 1988; loose material/ notes that were found in the books; and a pamphlet from a Russian Empire exhibit in Memphis, Tennessee from 2002.
    • Betty and Chris Maier Collection 

      Maier, Chris; Maier, Betty; Maier, Chris; Maier, Betty (2012-09-28)
      One Volhynian-German hemp rug.
    • Beulah White Collection 

      White, Beulah; White, Beulah (2014)
      This collection contains information pertaining to their family history, and poems.
    • Brother Placid Gross Collection 

      Gross, Brother Placid; Gross, Brother Placid (2012-04-13)
      One crocheted rug, 24” diameter. Made by Magdelena Gross, c. 1990.
    • Bryan Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Bryan; Vossler, Bryan (2013-11-26)
      Two issues of "Die Hausfrau" from 1929 and 1931 that belonged to Martha Abeling of Drake, North Dakota.
    • Bud and Dona Weis Collection 

      Weis, Bud; Weis, Dona; Weis, Bud; Weis, Dona (2016-08-02)
      This collection contains family charts for the Weis, Gehring, Oster, Hermann, Pfaff, and Neher families, photocopies of newspaper articles on Ruff, Washington and the German-Russian heritage, and two CDs with digital files ...
    • Carmen Rath-Wald Collection 

      Rath-Wald, Carmen; Rath-Wald, Carmen (2012-05-04)
      Memoranda, 1945-1946; two photographs, c. 1924 and 2000; eight ornamental certificates, 1901-1932; one shawl; and three books, 1906-1923; relating to the Rath family of McIntosh County, North Dakota.
    • Charles Eckroth Collection 

      Eckroth, Charles; Eckroth, Charles (2012-04-17)
      Ukrainian baptismal certificate for Gabriel Eckroth, dated 1891.
    • Christian Maedche Collection 

      Germans from Russia Heritage Society; Maedche, Christian; Germans from Russia Heritage Society; Maedche, Christian (2012-05-03)
      Three hymnals of Evangelical congregational heritage (Methodist), dating to the late 1800s to the early 1900s.