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    • Walter & Elizabeth (Bosch) Miltenberger Collection 

      Miltenberger, Elizabeth (Bosch) (2011-02-14)
      Photographs, correspondence, and biographical material related to the Bosch and Miltenberger families; 1870s-2007.
    • Leona (Woeszner) Neu Collection 

      Neu, Leona (2011-06-28)
      Biographical materials, scanned photographs, correspondence, coffin plates, hymnals, theology, and other books acquired by Leona (Woeszner) Neu from Ashley, ND and the surrounding area.
    • Lenora (Schimke) Bienek Collection 

      Bienek, James (2011-08-18)
      Theology books & hymnals, newspapers, and marriage certificates relating to the Daniel Schimke family; dating from 1898 to 1996.
    • Wilhelm Wagner Book Collection 

      Amundson, Carolyn (2011-09-22)
      Two German language books, dating from 1884 to the 1890s, associated with the Wilhelm Wagner family of McLean County, North Dakota.
    • Rev. George Rath Collection 

      Rath, Rev. George (2011-09-22)
      Church histories primarily from South Dakota; questionnaires regarding German Russian congregations and ministers; town histories; other diverse material surrounding the history of Germans from Russia.
    • Andrew Johs Collection 

      Johs, Andrew (2011-09-22)
      A collection of German folk song texts, words to an Easter cantata, and four books.
    • Stanley R. Rall Collection 

      Rall, Stanley R. (2011-09-22)
      The collection contains one original letter and photocopies of letters from Rev. Eugen Bachmann to his cousin Jacob Rall of Ashley, North Dakota; a photocopy of a funeral photograph with information about the cause of ...
    • Emilia (Kusler) Miller Collection 

      Layton, Beverly (2011-09-30)
      Wedding photograph and funeral service programs for Edna (Kusler) Kemnitz and two books relating to Kulm, North Dakota.
    • Joseph J. Schneider Collection 

      Schneider, Joseph J. (2011-10-05)
      Books, woman’s magazine, sample of handwriting, Schneider family photos and genealogy
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron (2012-01-25)
      Collection of photocopies of correspondence and periodical clippings regarding Germans from Russia, 1917-1937. Materials related to books written by Ron Vossler, 2002.
    • Laura Oster-Aaland Collection 

      Oster-Aaland, Laura (2012-02-21)
      Collection of materials related to Martha Heihn; includes transcribed interview with Mrs. Heihn, a biography, a newspaper article about her, and two photographs. Also included in the collection are several textiles and the ...
    • Susan Hall Collection 

      Hall, Susan (2012-02-21)
      Two hand-written notes that discuss the history of the Jakob and Selma (Herbolt) Bickel family and the Jakob and Christina (Bickel) Fehr family.
    • Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Collection 

      Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (2012-02-21)
      Contains of information related to Christine Sayler of Wishek, North Dakota, circa 1976; two announcements, one for the Ted and Esther Moser anniversary, 1991, and one for the Rueb reunion, 1983; information related to the ...
    • Kaye (Senger) Volk Collection 

      Volk, Kaye (Senger) (2012-02-21)
      A collection of obituaries, death notices, and wedding notices of people who were originally from, or resided in, the Devils Lake, North Dakota area; dating from 1952 to 2013.
    • Anne (Roesch) Larson Collection 

      Larson, Anne (Roesch) (2012-02-21)
      The bulk of this collection consists of photocopies of correspondence to and from Germans from Russia, dating from 1917-1950. Many of these have been translated into English. Also present is family information from Anne ...
    • Ludwig and Christina Graf-Buck Collection 

      Westine, David; Westine, Katherine; Westine, Phillip (2012-02-21)
      A collection of photographic images used as the basis of the book, Graf-Buck Family Heritage, published in 2005, and the background information and commentary about these photographs. Also present are Graf-Buck family ...
    • Maria Mactavish Collection 

      Mactavish, Maria (2012-03-08)
      One issue of the "Der Morgenstern" newspaper; Volume 4, Issue 33, pages 259-264, 18 August 1913; and copied postcards from Russia with German text, dating from 1915 to 1917.
    • Alice (Woehl) Buerkley Collection 

      Buerkley, Alice (Woehl) (2012-03-15)
      Three German language hymnals from the Berlin and Fredonia Baptist Church in McIntosh County, North Dakota; dating to 1897 and 1927.
    • Marguerite (Bullinger-Gustin) Lien Collection 

      Lien, Marguerite (2012-03-15)
      Two ephemerals and an ancestral Gustin-Roether family photograph album from Halbstadt/Schoenfeld, Beresan District, South Russia to Flasher/Glen Ullin; North Dakota.
    • Henrietta (Gall) Fiechtner Collection 

      Fiechtner, Henrietta (Gall) (2012-03-15)
      Collection of fourteen historical booklets relating to founding of Germans Reformed/Congregation Church/Conference in North Dakota, dating from 1902 to 1922.