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    • Lenora "Ida" Ackerman-Quatier Collection 

      Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida"; Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida" (1890)
      The scanned photographs are from four albums regarding the Ackerman and Sayler families in Logan and McIntosh Counties, North Dakota, and the Kogler & Quatier families in McIntosh County.
    • Katie Glatt Wald 

      Wald, Katie; Wald, Katie (1996)
      The Katie Glatt Wald collection consists primarily of photographs of her family, specifically family weddings.
    • Baumgartner/Berglund Collection 

      Miller, Michael; Miller, Michael (2004)
      Collection contains family heritage of the Baumgartner-Berglund family, photographs and multimedia materials.
    • Norbert and Leona Amann 

      Amann, Norbert and Leona; Amann, Norbert and Leona (2005)
      Contents are photographs of Philip Amann of Karlsruhe Colony, Beresan district, including a wedding portrait with his wife Julia Thomas of the Kutschurgan district.
    • Walter & Elizabeth (Bosch) Miltenberger Collection 

      Miltenberger, Elizabeth (Bosch); Miltenberger, Elizabeth (Bosch) (2011-02-14)
      Photographs, correspondence, and biographical material related to the Bosch and Miltenberger families; 1870s-2007.
    • Leona (Woeszner) Neu Collection 

      Neu, Leona; Neu, Leona (2011-06-28)
      Biographical materials, scanned photographs, correspondence, coffin plates, hymnals, theology, and other books acquired by Leona (Woeszner) Neu from Ashley, ND and the surrounding area.
    • Lenora (Schimke) Bienek Collection 

      Bienek, James; Bienek, James (2011-08-18)
      Theology books & hymnals, newspapers, and marriage certificates relating to the Daniel Schimke family; dating from 1898 to 1996.
    • Rev. George Rath Collection 

      Rath, Rev. George; Rath, Rev. George (2011-09-22)
      Church histories primarily from South Dakota; questionnaires regarding German Russian congregations and ministers; town histories; other diverse material surrounding the history of Germans from Russia.
    • Stanley R. Rall Collection 

      Rall, Stanley R.; Rall, Stanley R. (2011-09-22)
      The collection contains one original letter and photocopies of letters from Rev. Eugen Bachmann to his cousin Jacob Rall of Ashley, North Dakota; a photocopy of a funeral photograph with information about the cause of ...
    • Andrew Johs Collection 

      Johs, Andrew; Johs, Andrew (2011-09-22)
      A collection of German folk song texts, words to an Easter cantata, and four books.
    • Wilhelm Wagner Book Collection 

      Amundson, Carolyn; Amundson, Carolyn (2011-09-22)
      Two German language books, dating from 1884 to the 1890s, associated with the Wilhelm Wagner family of McLean County, North Dakota.
    • Emilia (Kusler) Miller Collection 

      Layton, Beverly; Layton, Beverly (2011-09-30)
      Wedding photograph and funeral service programs for Edna (Kusler) Kemnitz and two books relating to Kulm, North Dakota.
    • Joseph J. Schneider Collection 

      Schneider, Joseph J.; Schneider, Joseph J. (2011-10-05)
      Books, woman’s magazine, sample of handwriting, Schneider family photos and genealogy
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron; Vossler, Ron (2012)
      The Ron Vossler collection contains formats of his research of the Germans from Russia heritage and focuses particularly on the Holodomor, the Ukrainian Famine. There are notes and drafts on his research and books, interviews, ...
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron; Vossler, Ron (2012-01-25)
      Collection of photocopies of correspondence and periodical clippings regarding Germans from Russia, 1917-1937. Materials related to books written by Ron Vossler, 2002.
    • Laura Oster-Aaland Collection 

      Oster-Aaland, Laura; Oster-Aaland, Laura (2012-02-21)
      Collection of materials related to Martha Heihn; includes transcribed interview with Mrs. Heihn, a biography, a newspaper article about her, and two photographs. Also included in the collection are several textiles and the ...
    • Kaye (Senger) Volk Collection 

      Volk, Kaye (Senger); Volk, Kaye (Senger) (2012-02-21)
      A collection of obituaries, death notices, and wedding notices of people who were originally from, or resided in, the Devils Lake, North Dakota area; dating from 1952 to 2013.
    • Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Collection 

      Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center; Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (2012-02-21)
      Contains of information related to Christine Sayler of Wishek, North Dakota, circa 1976; two announcements, one for the Ted and Esther Moser anniversary, 1991, and one for the Rueb reunion, 1983; information related to the ...
    • Anne (Roesch) Larson Collection 

      Larson, Anne (Roesch); Larson, Anne (Roesch) (2012-02-21)
      The bulk of this collection consists of photocopies of correspondence to and from Germans from Russia, dating from 1917-1950. Many of these have been translated into English. Also present is family information from Anne ...
    • Susan Hall Collection 

      Hall, Susan; Hall, Susan (2012-02-21)
      Two hand-written notes that discuss the history of the Jakob and Selma (Herbolt) Bickel family and the Jakob and Christina (Bickel) Fehr family.