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    • Ed Babitzke Collection 

      Babitzke, Ed; Babitzke, Ed (2012-12-20)
      One book, "The Brethren Hymnal," from the Church of the Brethren; 1959.
    • Edna Grosz Collection 

      Grosz, Edna; Grosz, Edna (2013-06-04)
      One poem of wisdom in the German language. The date and author are unknown.
    • Edward and Christina (Munsch) Berreth Collection 

      Berreth, Dale; Berreth, Dale (2012-04-04)
      A collection of 104 photographic portraits of relatives and acquaintances of the Munsch and Berreth families, dating from c.1889 - 1915.
    • Eileen G. (Selinger) Good Collection 

      Good, Eileen G. (Selinger); Good, Eileen G. (Selinger) (2013-04-12)
      Copy of a photograph of the Schmidt family from 1909 and a photocopied plat map of Rastadt.
    • Elaine (Levi) Bauer Collection 

      Bauer, Elaine (Levi); Bauer, Elaine (Levi) (2012-04-27)
      Woman’s wedding dress; boutonniere; man’s eyeglasses, circa 1925; Wedding photo and photocopy of marriage certificate, 1925.
    • Elsie (Pahl) Gebhardt Collection 

      Gebhardt, Elsie (Pahl); Gebhardt, Elsie (Pahl) (2012-04-27)
      One textile shawl, circa 1894.
    • Emilia (Kusler) Miller Collection 

      Layton, Beverly; Layton, Beverly (2011-09-30)
      Wedding photograph and funeral service programs for Edna (Kusler) Kemnitz and two books relating to Kulm, North Dakota.
    • Erna (Gehring) Brost Collection 

      Brost, Gerhard; Brost, Gerhard (2016-06-08)
      Black, machine made trauerschal [mourning scarf] worn by Erna (Gehring) Brost before 1940.
    • Ernest B. & Donna M. Borr Collection 

      Borr, Ernest B.; Borr, Donna M.; Borr, Ernest B.; Borr, Donna M. (2012-04-19)
      Two Strasburg, ND Catholic Church histories, nine prayer books, a prayer card, and a copy of Katharina Schafer’s obituary; dating from 1904 to 1956.
    • Esther (Schell) Hornbacher Collection 

      Johnson, Diane; Johnson, Diane (2012-04-09)
      Books, correspondence, images, and subject materials relating to Esther (Schell) Hornbacher; dating from the early 1900s to the 1980s.
    • Esther (Schlecht) Fiechtner Collection 

      Fiechtner, Esther (Schlecht); Fiechtner, Esther (Schlecht) (2012-11-05)
      Fiechtner family Bible ("Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des alten und neues Testaments nach der deutschen Ueberfetzung Dr. Martin Luthers", St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, pages 1079 and 311)
    • Ethel Puhlmann Collection 

      Puhlmann, Ethel; Puhlmann, Ethel (2013-01-11)
      Two German language religious books which came from the Puhlmann family, dating to 1872 and 1903.
    • Father William C. Sherman Photograph Collection 

      Sherman, Father William C.; Sherman, Father William C. (2013-02-14)
      Collection is currently being processed.
    • Flasher Collection 

      Anderson, Wes; Anderson, Wes (2014)
      A postcard showing a burning farmers elevator from Flasher, N.D.
    • Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Collection 

      Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center; Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (2012-02-21)
      Contains of information related to Christine Sayler of Wishek, North Dakota, circa 1976; two announcements, one for the Ted and Esther Moser anniversary, 1991, and one for the Rueb reunion, 1983; information related to the ...
    • Francesca (Stroh) Kuhn Collection 

      Rudy, Alene; Rudy, Alene (2016-07-05)
      This collection contains a skirt and two shawls worn by Francesca (Stroh) Kuhn. Also included is correspondence mentioning her husband, Daniel Kuhn, found in the GRHS Letter Archives.
    • Fred D. & Lydia (Flaig) Hiller Collection 

      Hiller, Leighton; Hiller, Leighton (2013-07-24)
      Issues of German congregational publications, mostly though Yankton and Redfield, South Dakota: "Der Kirchenbote", 1920-1948, "Christian Messenger", 1943-1948, "YCST Bulletin", 1939, and the "American Observer", 1941; ...
    • Fred P. Boeshans Collection 

      Kramer, Sylvia (Boeshans); Kramer, Sylvia (Boeshans) (2013-05-30)
      Correspondence, family history information, copies of deeds, and a map, all relating to the Boeshans family and dating from 1909 to 2007.
    • Gary J. Hermann Collection 

      Hermann, Gary J.; Hermann, Gary J. (2012-04-05)
      A collection of six German baptism, confirmation, and wedding certificates relating to the Schell/ Schoell and Pfeifle families; dating from 1903 to 1931.
    • George Jundt 

      Jundt, George; Jundt, George (2015)
      George Jundt’s family history with a newspaper article documenting the life of Johanna Wirtz immigration from South Russia, to Argentina, then to the United States.