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    • James and Alice (Zimmerman) Ackerman Collection 

      Ackerman, James; Ackerman, James (2012-07-19)
      Three religious certificates, 1923-1937 and five books, 1894-1939.
    • Janet Haag Collection 

      Haag, Janet; Haag, Janet (2015)
      Collection of photographs of Jahann and Maria Haag, and a poem written by Roger Haag.
    • Jeff & Lucinda (Schmitt) Malm Collection 

      Malm, Jeff; Malm, Lucinda (Schmitt); Malm, Jeff; Malm, Lucinda (Schmitt) (2012-05-14)
      Two children’s novels, three hymnals, and an iron cross. The books date to the early 1900s.
    • Joan (Beaman) Heitman Collection 

      Heitman, Joan (Beaman); Heitman, Joan (Beaman) (2012-09-28)
      One straight razor and two shawls, circa late 1800s - early 1900s.
    • Johannes and Christiana (Ehni) Schock Letter & Photograph Collection 

      Schock, Reinhold; Schock-Whitaker, Emma; Schock, Reinhold; Schock-Whitaker, Emma (2015-10-08)
      A collection of letters and photographs sent to Johannes and Christiana (Ehni) Schock from relatives in Germany, Bessarabia, and Poland, sent between 1936 and 1996 with the bulk sent from 1947 to 1951. Also present are ...
    • John Philipps Collection 

      Philipps, John; Philipps, John (2012-03-23)
      Correspondence, manuscripts, publications, and photographs related to the work of German-Russian author John Philipps. Also contains autobiographical information and an oral history transcript from Philipps.
    • John Strohmaier Collection 

      Strohmaier, John; Strohmaier, John (2012-06-08)
      Typewritten materials related to the family history of John Strohmaier; eight (8) photocopies of documents, circa 1917-1935; four (4) photographic prints; six (6) photocopies of photographs; two (2) photographic slides; ...
    • Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson Collection 

      Masterson, Jolenta (Fischer); Masterson, Jolenta (Fischer) (2014-03-11)
      Collection is currently being processed.
    • Josef Tuchscherer Collection 

      Tuchscherer, Josef; Tuchscherer, Josef (2012-03-23)
      This collection contains information related to a film, shot at a German exile camp in 1940. Files related to this film include a collection of stills taken from the film, with identifications. Also contained in this ...
    • Joseph J. Schneider Collection 

      Schneider, Joseph J.; Schneider, Joseph J. (2011-10-05)
      Books, woman’s magazine, sample of handwriting, Schneider family photos and genealogy
    • Judy Martin Collection 

      Martin, Judy; Martin, Judy (2014-06-24)
      Two textiles: a lady’s fur cape, circa 1940s, and a traditional men’s hat, circa 1880-1910.
    • June Schloss Collection 

      Schloss, Phil; Schloss, Phil (2012-03-30)
      A cookbook titled “German Recipes: M-m-m Es Schmackt aber gut”, prepared by June Schloss in 1984.
    • Karl Lacher Collection 

      Lacher, Karl; Lacher, Karl
      The Karl Lacher collection includes detailed research of German from Russia histories, including his own family history research.
    • Katherine (Schneider-Wentz) Schneider Collection 

      Tillman, Janet; Tillman, Janet (2012-05-16)
      Two hand-written letters in German, dating to 1923; correspondence relating to the letters; and a biography of Katherine Schneider, written by Katherine’s son, Philip Wentz.
    • Kathryn (Lacher) Baumgartner Collection 

      Baumgartner, Greg; Baumgartner, Greg (2012-08-03)
      Three prayer cards, dating from 1962 to 1965, for Magdalina Schlosser, Raymond Lee Kuntz, and Mrs. Christine Sattler; a Jubilee Edition of the Omega Times Herald, 1982; three town and community history books, 1982; one ...
    • Katie Glatt Wald 

      Wald, Katie; Wald, Katie (1996)
      The Katie Glatt Wald collection consists primarily of photographs of her family, specifically family weddings.
    • Kaye (Senger) Volk Collection 

      Volk, Kaye (Senger); Volk, Kaye (Senger) (2012-02-21)
      A collection of obituaries, death notices, and wedding notices of people who were originally from, or resided in, the Devils Lake, North Dakota area; dating from 1952 to 2013.
    • Kenneth L. Schmitt Collection 

      Schmitt, Kenneth L.; Schmitt, Kenneth L. (2013-01-16)
      Nine issues of Kirchenblatt from 1941 and 1942, two photographs relating to Johann Schmitt, Schmitt family information written from 2007 to 2009, an auction poster from 1929, and two poems in the German language.
    • Kevin Bean Collection 

      Bean, Kevin; Bean, Kevin (2012-04-20)
      One German-language hymn book, "Gesangbuch", 1906
    • Lackmann Family Collection 

      Lackmann, Roland; Lackmann, Roland (2014-01-10)
      Seven German language books, circa 1883-1936, that belonged to the George and Mary K. Lackmann family.