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    • Lackmann Family Collection 

      Lackmann, Roland; Lackmann, Roland (2014-01-10)
      Seven German language books, circa 1883-1936, that belonged to the George and Mary K. Lackmann family.
    • Laura Oster-Aaland Collection 

      Oster-Aaland, Laura; Oster-Aaland, Laura (2012-02-21)
      Collection of materials related to Martha Heihn; includes transcribed interview with Mrs. Heihn, a biography, a newspaper article about her, and two photographs. Also included in the collection are several textiles and the ...
    • LaVerne (Ruff) Graf Collection 

      Graf, LaVerne (Ruff); Graf, LaVerne (Ruff) (2012-09-28)
      Woman’s black satin bodice and skirt; black velvet belt, c. 1919
    • Leland Elhard Collection 

      Elhard, Leland; Elhard, Leland (2012-03-22)
      This collection contains four books inscribed “A.W. Werder” on the history of politics in Russia and Europe in the years between 1814 and 1831 and a 1905 publication containing an article on the perceived perils from the ...
    • Lenora "Ida" Ackerman-Quatier Collection 

      Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida"; Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida" (1890)
      The scanned photographs are from four albums regarding the Ackerman and Sayler families in Logan and McIntosh Counties, North Dakota, and the Kogler & Quatier families in McIntosh County.
    • Lenora (Schimke) Bienek Collection 

      Bienek, James; Bienek, James (2011-08-18)
      Theology books & hymnals, newspapers, and marriage certificates relating to the Daniel Schimke family; dating from 1898 to 1996.
    • Leo Zander Collection 

      Barnett, Lisa; Barnett, Lisa (2016-05-25)
      The collection contains a baptismal gown worn by Leo Joseph Zander, his baptismal certificate, three family photographs, and a document on the descendants of Dominick Zander.
    • Leona (Bauer) Schnabel Collection 

      Chamberlain, Gordon; Chamberlain, Stella (Schnabel); Chamberlain, Gordon; Chamberlain, Stella (Schnabel) (2014-01-22)
      Six German language religious books and songbooks, circa 1893-1950, that belonged to Leona (Bauer) Schnabel; and two bookmarks: one women yellow bookmark with a crocheted cross and one plastic bookmark with an illustration ...
    • Leona (Woeszner) Neu Collection 

      Neu, Leona; Neu, Leona (2011-06-28)
      Biographical materials, scanned photographs, correspondence, coffin plates, hymnals, theology, and other books acquired by Leona (Woeszner) Neu from Ashley, ND and the surrounding area.
    • Louise Wiens (Regehr) Collection 

      Wiens, Louise; Wiens, Louise (2014)
      The Louise Wiens (Regehr) collection contains ID Cards, birth certificates, death certificates, family history, letters, newspaper article, marriage certificate, employment document, compensation document and an admission ...
    • Ludwig and Christina Graf-Buck Collection 

      Westine, David; Westine, Katherine; Westine, Phillip; Westine, David; Westine, Katherine; Westine, Phillip (2012-02-21)
      A collection of photographic images used as the basis of the book, Graf-Buck Family Heritage, published in 2005, and the background information and commentary about these photographs. Also present are Graf-Buck family ...
    • Magdalene (Leier) Riedlinger Collection 

      Riedlinger, Magdalene (Leier); Riedlinger, Magdalene (Leier) (2013-07-03)
      A family Bible from Freidendental that belonged to the Riedlinger family.
    • Margaret Bitz Collection 

      Bitz, Margaret; Bitz, Margaret (2013-06-04)
      One theology book, "Das grosse Kapitel von der Totenauferstenhung" by W. Schlatter dating to 1938, that belonged to Julius Rudolf.
    • Marguerite (Bullinger-Gustin) Lien Collection 

      Lien, Marguerite; Lien, Marguerite (2012-03-15)
      Two ephemerals and an ancestral Gustin-Roether family photograph album from Halbstadt/Schoenfeld, Beresan District, South Russia to Flasher/Glen Ullin; North Dakota.
    • Maria Mactavish Collection 

      Mactavish, Maria; Mactavish, Maria (2012-03-08)
      One issue of the "Der Morgenstern" newspaper; Volume 4, Issue 33, pages 259-264, 18 August 1913; and copied postcards from Russia with German text, dating from 1915 to 1917.
    • Maria Tuchscherer Collection 

      Tuchscherer, Maria; Tuchscherer, Maria (2012-04-16)
      Twenty-four photographic prints, 1928-1987; two German-language books; silver crucifix, circa 1925; textile head scarf, circa 1920.
    • Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection 

      Unknown author
      The Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection contains photographs, family genealogy, books, and some artifacts from Marie and her husband, Hal. The Collection has been organized into 8 Series: Biographical Material, Genealogy, Red ...
    • Marie Wagner Collection 

      Laub, Jonathan; Laub, Jonathan (2013-07-09)
      A short letter written by Marie Wagner about her mother, Catherine Wagner, and family growing up in Russia as a German.
    • Marilyn (Opp) Evers Collection 

      Evers, Marilyn (Opp); Evers, Marilyn (Opp) (2013-01-28)
      One photograph of a military band in South Russia, circa 1904-1905.
    • Marlene (Flath) Strand Collection 

      Strand, Marlene; Strand, Marlene (2012-03-26)
      Correspondence, translated letters from Germans from Russia (1910-1948), photographs of textiles, family tree, and a photocopied textile pattern book.