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    • Magdalene (Leier) Riedlinger Collection 

      Riedlinger, Magdalene (Leier); Riedlinger, Magdalene (Leier) (2013-07-03)
      A family Bible from Freidendental that belonged to the Riedlinger family.
    • Margaret Bitz Collection 

      Bitz, Margaret; Bitz, Margaret (2013-06-04)
      One theology book, "Das grosse Kapitel von der Totenauferstenhung" by W. Schlatter dating to 1938, that belonged to Julius Rudolf.
    • Marguerite (Bullinger-Gustin) Lien Collection 

      Lien, Marguerite; Lien, Marguerite (2012-03-15)
      Two ephemerals and an ancestral Gustin-Roether family photograph album from Halbstadt/Schoenfeld, Beresan District, South Russia to Flasher/Glen Ullin; North Dakota.
    • Maria Mactavish Collection 

      Mactavish, Maria; Mactavish, Maria (2012-03-08)
      One issue of the "Der Morgenstern" newspaper; Volume 4, Issue 33, pages 259-264, 18 August 1913; and copied postcards from Russia with German text, dating from 1915 to 1917.
    • Maria Tuchscherer Collection 

      Tuchscherer, Maria; Tuchscherer, Maria (2012-04-16)
      Twenty-four photographic prints, 1928-1987; two German-language books; silver crucifix, circa 1925; textile head scarf, circa 1920.
    • Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection 

      Unknown author
      The Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection contains photographs, family genealogy, books, and some artifacts from Marie and her husband, Hal. The Collection has been organized into 8 Series: Biographical Material, Genealogy, Red ...
    • Marie Wagner Collection 

      Laub, Jonathan; Laub, Jonathan (2013-07-09)
      A short letter written by Marie Wagner about her mother, Catherine Wagner, and family growing up in Russia as a German.
    • Marilyn (Opp) Evers Collection 

      Evers, Marilyn (Opp); Evers, Marilyn (Opp) (2013-01-28)
      One photograph of a military band in South Russia, circa 1904-1905.
    • Marlene (Flath) Strand Collection 

      Strand, Marlene; Strand, Marlene (2012-03-26)
      Correspondence, translated letters from Germans from Russia (1910-1948), photographs of textiles, family tree, and a photocopied textile pattern book.
    • Marvin & Delores (Just) Meidinger Collection 

      Meidinger, Delores (Just); Meidinger, Marvin; Meidinger, Delores (Just); Meidinger, Marvin (2013-04-11)
      One snapshot, a postcard, ephemera, and five theology books; estimated dates for the collection are 1877 to 1945.
    • Mary (Fitterer) Smith Collection 

      Smith, Mary (Fitterer); Smith, Mary (Fitterer) (2013-10-25)
      Scanned copies of a portrait of Martin and Regina (Fix) Friedt; scanned images of a scrapbook relating to the Friedt and Fitterer families; and copies of family history information relating to the Friedt and Fitterer ...
    • Mary Ann (Werre) Lehr Collection 

      Lehr, Mary Ann (Werre); Lehr, Mary Ann (Werre) (2012-04-05)
      One songbook owned by Julius Werre, "Songs We Love to Sing II", that was published in 1985 by the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS).
    • Mary Ann Miller 

      Miller, Mary Ann; Miller, Mary Ann (2014)
      Consists of the family history of the Miller family, from their immigration from Germany to Russia, the Soviet Regime, moving back to Germany, to their immigration in the U.S.
    • Mary Ebach Collection 

      Ebach, Mary; Ebach, Mary (2015)
      Folders containing obituraries, and memory cards of the Ebach family.
    • Mary Elaine (Fischer) Worline Collection 

      Worline, Mary Elaine (Fischer); Worline, Mary Elaine (Fischer) (2012-12-04)
      A homemade plaque from 1938; three photographs of Strasburg, ND citizens in the early 1900s; and twenty-two theology books dating from 1893 to 1930.
    • Mary Kay (Miller) Feist 

      Feist, Mary Kay; Feist, Mary Kay (2015)
      Documents and photographs pertaining to the Feist/Baumgartner/Miller Family.
    • Maureen A. (Miller) Udell Collection 

      Udell, Maureen A. (Miller); Udell, Maureen A. (Miller) (2013-06-04)
      Family bible written in German; a pillow sham, circa 1904; and two aprons, circa 1906-1926.
    • Max and Nina (Farley) Wishek Collection 

      Wishek, Robert; Wishek, Robert (2012-03-27)
      A collection of bibles, theology books, hymnals, ephemerals, and other books.
    • Mennonite Heritage Centre Collection 

      Mennonite Heritage Centre; Mennonite Heritage Centre (2014-06-18)
      Two German Mennonite hymnals dating from 1871 to 1885.
    • Minot Chapter of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS) Scrapbook Collection 

      Ebach, Mary; Ebach, Mary (2013-10-03)
      Six scrapbooks of the Minot Chapter (Landsleute) of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS), 1971-2003; four award ribbons; and various loose material from the scrapbooks.