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    • Pamela (Matthews) Ryan Collection 

      Ryan, Pamela (Matthews); Ryan, Pamela (Matthews) (2013-06-04)
      Four photographs, circa 1910-1950s; family history information; and four books, dating from 1885-1917.
    • Pauline (Neher) Diede Collection 

      Diede, Pauline (Neher); Diede, Pauline (Neher) (2012-04-20)
      Ten clothing items, c. 1932 - 1980; three decorative textiles, c. 1960
    • Peggy (Gustin) Emmel Collection 

      Emmel, Peggy; Emmel, Peggy (2012-04-03)
      A small collection of correspondence primarily ranging from 1922 to 1935, but there is also a letter from 2008. Six letters are written in German and two are in English.
    • Phyllis (Knalson) Bancroft Collection 

      Bancroft, Phyllis (Knalson); Bancroft, Phyllis (Knalson) (2012-04-27)
      Woman’s party dress of mint-green silk voile, circa 1931.
    • Phyllis (Walz) Rall Collection 

      Rall, Phyllis (Walz); Rall, Phyllis (Walz) (2013-05-30)
      Edited copy of “The Life of Martha (Waltz) Wagner”, a family history written in 2002 pertaining to the genealogy of the Philipp Walz (or Waltz) families.
    • Ralph & Loretta (Jonas) Schultz Collection 

      Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas); Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas) (2013-01-25)
      50 photographic images, 8 German books, a printout biography of Regina (Geiszler) Schultz, and a newspaper clipping in the German language; all dating from the late 1880s to 2011.
    • Reich/Stolz Collection 

      Graves, Rita; Graves, Rita (2012-05-21)
      Twenty (20) photographs depicting gravesites relating to the Stolz, Reich, and Yackel families in Saskatchewan, Canada, 2005.
    • Reuben Drefs Collection 

      Drefs, Reuben; Drefs, Reuben (2012-04-17)
      A book of sermons published in 1872, "Predigten für alle Sonn-, Fest- und Feiertage nebst einigen Busstags-Predigten und Grabreden," and a song sheet, “O Where is the Home of the Soul to be Found?”
    • Rev. George Rath Collection 

      Rath, Rev. George; Rath, Rev. George (2011-09-22)
      Church histories primarily from South Dakota; questionnaires regarding German Russian congregations and ministers; town histories; other diverse material surrounding the history of Germans from Russia.
    • Rev. Leonard Eckroth Collection 

      Eckroth, Rev. Leonard; Eckroth, Rev. Leonard (2012-07-16)
      Information regarding the North Dakota Anti-Garb Law, 1993; one video cassette, “Bishop Joseph Werth”, no date; and a sound recordings of “Mrs. Krumm’s Story,” no date.
    • Rev. Marty Toepke-Floyd Collection 

      Toepke-Floyd, Rev. Marty; Toepke-Floyd, Rev. Marty (2012-05-21)
      Two German language Bibles, dating to 1886 and 1904, that were found in Zion United Methodist Church, Wishek, North Dakota.
    • Richard and Donna Helm Collection 

      Helm, Richard; Helm, Donna; Helm, Richard; Helm, Donna (2012-05-22)
      Two wedding dresses and a pair of silk gloves, dating from 1915 to 1925; and copies of baptism and confirmation certificates for Erna Margaretha Graf, dating to 1909 and 1923 respectively.
    • Roger and Bernadine (Lang) Kuhn Collection 

      Kuhn, Bernadine (Lang); Kuhn, Roger; Kuhn, Bernadine (Lang); Kuhn, Roger (2012-11-06)
      Six books in German and English. The books include dictionaries, songbooks, and religious books; dating from about 1859 to 1927.
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron; Vossler, Ron (2012-01-25)
      Collection of photocopies of correspondence and periodical clippings regarding Germans from Russia, 1917-1937. Materials related to books written by Ron Vossler, 2002.
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron; Vossler, Ron (2012)
      The Ron Vossler collection contains formats of his research of the Germans from Russia heritage and focuses particularly on the Holodomor, the Ukrainian Famine. There are notes and drafts on his research and books, interviews, ...
    • Rose Feckler Collection 

      Feckler, Rose; Feckler, Rose (2012-04-11)
      Nineteen recipe cards for herbal remedies, 1950-1963; a picture; and textiles: four dresses and accessories, circa 1902-1940 relating to the Albrecht and Feckler families.
    • Roxanne (Sayler) Henke Collection 

      Henke, Roxanne; Henke, Roxanne (2012-04-05)
      5 photographs of the Ensslen family members in America; 1 photograph of the Jacob & Katherine (Gackle) Ensslen family in Russia, and a metal samovar made in the Batashev Factory in Tula, Russia. Dates range from the late ...
    • Ruben Schock Collection 

      Schock, Ruben; Schock, Ruben (2012-04-23)
      Three religious books; one fiction book, 1895 – 1941.
    • Ruff/ Erbele Family Collection 

      Gemelli, Dianne; Meland, Merrlyn (Ruff); Gemelli, Dianne; Meland, Merrlyn (Ruff) (2012-07-17)
      Erbele and Ruff family genealogical material and twenty-four photographic images of the Erbele and Ruff families, circa 1895-2011.
    • Ruth (Schmidt) Humphries Collection 

      Humphries, Ruth (Schmidt); Humphries, Ruth (Schmidt) (2012-04-23)
      Fourteen family photographs, circa 1895-1955, relating to the Schmidt family of Artas, Campbell County, South Dakota.