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    • gAstronomic Innovation : a new methodology for nutrition education 

      Muckenhirn, Joshua (North Dakota State University, 2014)
      The title of the thesis is gAstronomic Innovation: A New Methodology for Nutrition Education. The question being investigated is, how can architecture be used as a tool to ultimately improve society’s overall health and ...
    • Gateway Centre - Minneapolis, Minnesota 

      Olschlager, Gordon A. (North Dakota State University, 1978)
    • The Gathering Garden: Bringing Warmth to Fargo's Frigid Winters 

      Marsh, Rachel (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      Fargo’s rapidly improving downtown community life has one large, seven-month-long problem: winter. During the frigid winter, the public life of Fargo’s downtown comes to a halt. Thus, this research began with the goal of ...
    • The Genesis Project : exploring the convergence of architecture, music, & life 

      Halvorson, Timothy (North Dakota State University, 2015)
      Music is an innate human quality that provokes physical, mental, and spiritual responses both consciously and subconsciously, and consequently, has the capacity to change the environment. Architecture can be designed as a ...
    • Geplaatst Herinnering Aan Geschiedenis: Architecture the Spatial Arts of History in Curaçao 

      Fielmich, Souiedi (North Dakota State University, 2023)
      History is not just a collection of facts and figures; it is a multifaceted phenomenon that impacts the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of a community. The power of imagination and the human mind’s ability to ...
    • Gestalt: A High School of Individuals Within a Whole 

      Nelson, Bailey (North Dakota State University, 2017)
      How will this design of a high school be different than any other high school in America? Within this school, each student will not come out like a manufactured replica of a utopian society. Instead, students find their ...
    • Getting Old: A Design Solution to Improve Mental Health Post Retirement 

      Buschke, Bailey (North Dakota State University, 2021)
      Individuals 65 years and older are struggling with the alarmingly high suicide rates among their peers. This is often caused by the sudden lack of purpose following retirement. Designing for community involvement while ...
    • Giving New Life 

      Weber, Nicholas (North Dakota State University, 2010)
      Abstract- This thesis project is the exploration of how technology may serve to reveal architectural opportunities within a damaged landscape. There are many places around the planet which have been used and then left ...
    • Global Portal Through Architectural Experience 

      Thyen, Jeremiah (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      Traveling around the world is often an exclusive experience that is not possible for many people within our communities. It is important that everyone has an opportunity to see the world through a variety of experiences. ...
    • Grand Coulee Living and Retail/ An Environmental Approach Towards Sustainable Living 

      Wetch, Christopher R. (North Dakota State University, 2010)
      Will there be a paradigm shift in the way people build and live because of varying economic conditions? The building typology will be a sustainable mid-rise mixed use building. The world’s population currently and in the ...
    • Green-Line: Nature in an Urban Setting 

      Chaput, Hunter (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      Many cities lack one of the most beautiful and important aspects of life, nature. When people think of cities they think of traffic and concrete and congestion. It can be a big turn off to people who are used to trees and ...
    • Griffith Stadium: Ballpark for Twins' Baseball 

      Beste, Corey J. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
      A ballpark is a special place. It is where a community comes together to celebrate one common interest in a single event. A ballpark exhibits a character so powerful that its personality becomes an imperative part of ...
    • Growing & Aging- a new way of connecting generations 

      Lillegaard, Sara (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      “Growing and Aging: a new way of connecting generations,” is an exploration of a new architectural typology that tries to fill in the generation gap existing between young people and our aging society. When looking at the ...
    • The growing city: an exploration in high density living 

      Kierzek, Drew (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      The goal of this thesis is to explore the effects on a city’s density in correlation with the needs of that city. In certain areas, there is a growing need of housing. This absence results in longer commutes and less ...
    • Growth Management Strategies for Downtown Development Focusing on Affordable Housing 

      McNutt, Tyler (North Dakota State University, 2020)
      With an ever-growing world population, our cities, along with communities have continued to grow. The population in Kansas City Missouri, and the surrounding metropolitan area has increased each year. In 2018 the population ...
    • Growth Through the Past: Cooperation of the Past, Present, and Future in Revitalizing Clarissa, Minnesota 

      Johnson, Mallory (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      This thesis goes on to answer the question of whether a piece of the past can be used as a catalyst for growth in a small community. By adapting a current piece of architecture into a tool that can be used by the residents ...
    • Growth without Expansion: Utilizing Space We Already Have 

      Flotterud, Paul (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      This Thesis will look into the underutilized and often overlooked land resource above built cities. The air space above our structures and roads is a frontier that rarely is tapped into. In an attempt to counter urban ...
    • Hallmark Wellness 

      Staloch, Kirsten (North Dakota State University, 2012)
      Design elements in the built and natural environment influence how humans react in a space. Penetrating light proves to increase wellness in time. Quality illuminance in health care areas result in better health outcomes. ...
    • HanaPuna: Rebuilding the Hawaiian Coral Reefs 

      Mehs, Leigh Ann (North Dakota State University, 2016)
      Architectural design solution to the decline population of coral reefs in the Hawaiian Islands.
    • Harmony & Design: Representing Music in Architecture 

      Lakeman, Makayla (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      The ability to play an instrument has been proven through numerous studies to improve executive functions and set students up for academic and future workplace success (Nadine Gaab, Ph.D.) however many students find music ...