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  • Midwest Musicians Institute: Architectural Design Through Music 

    Eckmann, Michael K. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    My thesis is the creation of a musical education and performance facility in downtown Fargo, ND. The education spaces will focus on the learning and practicing of music for individuals seeking musical careers, and the ...
  • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota 

    Boehmke, Katie (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    For some women and children, life is lived in constant fear of abuse. The reality is that many of them are unable to leave their unfortunate situations because they are dependent on the abuser in many ways, including ...
  • Branch ONE: A Treehouse Retreat 

    Bjornrud, Linn (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    The tree house is a concept that puts excitement into the eyes and hearts of children everywhere. What is unique is that the same affect is had on many adults when asked about it. This is due to the fact that nearly ...
  • Griffith Stadium: Ballpark for Twins' Baseball 

    Beste, Corey J. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    A ballpark is a special place. It is where a community comes together to celebrate one common interest in a single event. A ballpark exhibits a character so powerful that its personality becomes an imperative part of ...
  • An Assisted Living Development for People With Traumatic Brain Injuries 

    Bernhagen, Jill (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    My thesis project focuses on an assisted living facility for people with traumatic brain injuries. It incorporates a vocational area where residents can work and learn skills that will help them to live more independently. ...
  • Thresholds of Awareness 

    Zeren, Neal A. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    A Retreat for artists, whom seek to discover the beautiful that lies within Nature.
  • A New Devils Lake Waterfront 

    Zander, Chad (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Devils Lake is the largest natural lake in the state of North Dakota, it is also a closed basin lake, which helped contribute to its current flooding problem. In the future, when an outlet is created, the development of ...
  • Native Architecture: Sustainable Design Theory Applied to Affordable Housing in a Rural Setting 

    Witham, David (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    This project will seek a holistic and sustainable solution to rural housing and community design. The community of Cannonball will be the subject of this design study. Implementation of principles of sustainability will ...
  • Denver Union Station Multimodal Public Transportation Facility & Mixed-Use Development 

    Wiener, Thomas A. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Denver is quickly becoming the “Grand Central Station” for transportation for the Western United States. Since the turn of the century Union Station, located on the edge of downtown Denver, has been used as the railroad ...
  • Georgetown Park: A New Urbanist Neighborhood on Fargo's Urban Fringe 

    Stachon, Gregory (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Poorly planned development is threatening our environment, our health, and our quality of life. In communities across America "sprawl" - scattered development that increases traffic, saps local resources and destroys ...
  • Superior Shores Lakehomes: Lake Superior's Hidden Destination 

    Schlukebier, Melissa (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    The north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota is a major tourist destination for travelers from around the country and worldwide. The past 50 years has seen rapid development of both residential and commercial lots along ...
  • Indian Hills Interpretive Park 

    Prosser, Amanda Marie (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    In 1998, the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Advisory committee met with members of the Three Affiliated Tribes and asked, "What do you want us to tell the world about your culture?" "Tell them we're still ...
  • Falling Vine Winery 

    Peterson, Corey Allan (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    For the past year or so, I have taken a class in vinification and worked in the beverage industry. I have discovered a great love for wine. I have immersed myself in the complicated process of vinification. For me art, ...
  • Culinary School for Healthy Eating: Healthy Choices Without Sacrificing Taste 

    Otteson, Angela Marie (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Food is a very important aspect that can make a big difference in our lives yet is very often neglected. The main research area of this project will be designing a culinary ...
  • Minneapolis Mixed Use City Center for Arts and Culture 

    Olusanya, Babatunde (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    The urban area, the heart and soul of a city; the people its living breathing separately, uniquely performing varied actions and activities with individual intentions but still all manage to move as one. One pulse ...
  • Grand Village Nursing Home Therapeutic Garden: Healing Through Nature 

    Oja, Laura (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    The United States is aging. Baby boomers are getting older and the elderly population is on the rise. As people age many develop diseases and can no longer care for themselves. Lots of people joke about "sending mom and ...
  • Headwaters Interpretive Center: Preserving the Past While Sustaining the Future of Itasca State Park 

    Oakland, Greg (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Itasca State Park has been a popular tourist attraction in northern Minnesota for many decades. Containing the Headwaters to the Mississippi River along with some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the state has ...
  • Aberdeen Convention Center 

    Schlosser, Ryan J. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    I, Ryan J. Schlosser, am proposing the design of a multi-use convention center in the heart of Aberdeen, SD. The site sits along US HWY 12 and Brown County 19. The main proposal is the design of a facility that would ...
  • Lake Bountiful Ecological Retreat: Transitions from Natural to Built 

    Rueter, Michael J. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Tastefully Simple is a food designer and distribution company with its headquarters in Alexandria, MN. Aaron Olsen did a landscape architecture thesis project last year for this corporation master planning a convention ...
  • Active Adult Community: Senior Housing to Promote Active Intellects 

    Miller, Tiffaney A. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
    Through this thesis project I addressed Fargo, North Dakota’s growing population that demands housing for individuals of all income levels. I proposed an active adult community located in downtown that will provide ...

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