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    • Architectural Mood and Mental Space: A Cathartic Journey Off the North Shore of Lake Superior 

      Englund, Ty (North Dakota State University, 2018)
      Most people think of architecture as a profession that is concerned with aesthetic beauty—designs that please the observer through visual perception of the harmony, symmetry, and good proportions crafted by the designer. ...
    • Recovering Life in Architecture 

      Patnode, David (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      This thesis, Recover(ing)life within architecture, will focus on the question, “How can the design of a rehabilitation center assist in the care that each patient experiences and requires individually in the recovery ...
    • Remedial architecture 

      Schmidt, Katelyn (North Dakota State University, 2015)
      The North Shore Healing Center gives a place for personal mental health rehabilitation. This building provides a safe and comfortable place for people to rebuild themselves. It uses natural healing remedies and holistic ...