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    • Adaptable Architecture : architecture that changes through time 

      Hughes, Kathryn (North Dakota State University, 2011)
      Just as living things grow and adapt, so should the things we create. In this juxtaposition lays the ability to propel our creations into a cyclical lifestyle of rebirth through functionality. Spatial experiences are ...
    • Harmony & Design: Representing Music in Architecture 

      Lakeman, Makayla (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      The ability to play an instrument has been proven through numerous studies to improve executive functions and set students up for academic and future workplace success (Nadine Gaab, Ph.D.) however many students find music ...
    • Healing Pathways: The Journey to Completely Healing 

      Eversman, Nathan (North Dakota State University, 2017)
      Technology has impacted the human perception of health through monumental advancements, but the process of healing has been diminished to where the sole focus of health care has become “to resolve” instead of “to heal”. ...
    • Thesis book: V 

      Mork, Jarrett (North Dakota State University, 2016)
      Vertical Farming in Portland