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    • Growing Green with Phytoremediation 

      Witz, Kyla (2012)
      This thesis is premised on the basis that students benefit from both theoretical and practical applications. In this project, I have created an outdoor, interactive space that demonstrates the intersection between the ...
    • Portside: Promoting Growth Through Urban Tourism 

      Hochhalter, Dustin (2013)
      Shifts in tourism over the last forty years have evolved and gone back to large urban cities, and as a result the practice of urban tourism has grown and been moved to the forefront of many city planning efforts. Urban ...
    • Symbiotic beachfront design : sharing Southeast Florida's coast with sea turtles 

      Champa, Luke (2015)
      This urban beachfront design project is a unique approach to sustainable beachfront design development because it focuses on creating a symbiotic relationship between humans and a sensitive turtle habitat, rather than ...