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    • O'Donnell Park: Enhancing Downtown Milwaukee’s Economic, Environmental and Social Networks through Sustainable Design 

      Flynn, Justin (2017)
      This thesis begins to address, how does a city provide essential resources for a city in a public urban space? A question designers have asked themselves since the beginning of urban design. In this day and age currently, ...
    • Reed Street Yards - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

      Leininger, Bryan (2011)
      This project is meant to explore the idea of low carbon development in cities post global peak oil. Milwaukee, like many other Rust Belt cities across the United States, has passed its industrial peak and today is left ...
    • Solvay Coke and Gas 

      Nordling, Brad (2011)
      This project is meant to explore the idea of how Vacant heavy industrial zones can have different uses than existing industrial sites across America. The idea is to use sustainable design to minimize the polution rate, ...