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    • Conspicuous hydrology: The untapped potential of stormwater 

      DuChene, Courtney (2013)
      Freshwater only represents 1% of the total water supply on Earth and is an essential entity for life to exist. Urban development has lead to the pollution and degradation of this essential element. Due to the existing ...
    • Red River Civic Plaza : an urban park destination for Fargo-Moorhead Community 

      Starbuck, Joseph (2015)
      The City of Fargo, North Dakota, is funding the construction of a new City Hall to replace their current 1960s structure. This proposed development provides the largest city in North Dakota with a tremendous opportunity ...
    • The Soup Bowl in the City of Lakes 

      Gronhovd, John (2013)
      Minneapolis residents value parks for many contributions to the public realm – as a green escape from the city, as opportunities for recreation, as places to gather – but few people think of parks as infrastructure, as ...