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    • Conspicuous hydrology: The untapped potential of stormwater 

      DuChene, Courtney (2013)
      Freshwater only represents 1% of the total water supply on Earth and is an essential entity for life to exist. Urban development has lead to the pollution and degradation of this essential element. Due to the existing ...
    • Healing an Environment and Feeding a Population 

      Pai, Mohan (2012)
      The intent of this design thesis is to examine a sustainable solution for an urban plan in southwest Fargo that includes using urban agriculture as a tool to encourage recycling gray water and promoting a solution to the ...
    • Urban Water: Seeking Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Connections 

      D'Arcangeli, Candice (2012)
      Water is an essential element for human life, not only is it a biological requirement of the human body, it is also an inherent part of our everyday lives. It is so common in everyday life that it is being overused. Due ...