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    • Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Through Gaming 

      Kulkarni, Vikas Krishnarao (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      The goal of this paper is to bring the basic awareness of cybersecurity among students so that they do not become a victim of cybercrime. Studies show that cybersecurity serious games support multiple well-established ...
    • Design of a Game for Cybersecurity Awareness 

      Bhardwaj, Jagjot (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      The primary objective of this paper is to use the Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy educational objectives in creating a game called Cyber Air-Strike for learning basic concepts of cybersecurity. Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy is used ...
    • Tutorial on Negative Selection Algorithm 

      Singh, Sonal (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      The primary aim of this paper is to incorporate the educational objectives of the revised Bloom’s taxonomy in the creation of educational material and assessments for teaching the concepts of the Negative Selection Algorithm. ...