Flamer Hotel

Flamer Hotel 1908.

Tollef J. Flamer built the Flamer House in 1883 for use as a store, but when the prospective tenant gave up their plans, Mr. Flamer and his wife Olena moved in and opened a restaurant and boarding house in the building. Sometime between 1888 and 1892, the Flamer's expanded the size of the hotel and added a west wing. The hotel survived the Fargo Fire of 1893. In the early years of operation, before there were hospitals in Fargo, the hotel was often used by doctors for surgical procedures. Mrs. Flamer was often called upon to assist with the care of the patients while staying in the hotel recovering. Mr. Flamer died in 1929, and Mrs. Flamer died in 1947. The hotel remained in the family, being owned by a daughter, Violet Rommesmo until it closed. After Mr. Flamer died in 1929, Anton Bye was hired to operate that hotel. He was followed in about 1940, by Ole and Violet Rommesmo. From about 1948 to 1956, Edward and Margret Jansen managed the operations in 1956, the hotel and First Avenue Cafe was operated by Rueben N. Rylander.

Flamer Hotel Interior.

The building was removed during urban renewal in 1959. An appraisal of the building at the time it was torn down stated “Cafe with toilet & lavatory, 1-3 room apt., 1-2 room apt., 3 sleeping rooms, small office, 1 toilet and 1 full bath on main floor. 19 rooms, 1 toilet and 1 full bath on 2nd floor. In fair to good condition, but obsolete and functionally deficient.”

Flamer Hotel.

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