Dixon Hotel

Dixon Hotel.

The Dixon Building at 305-307 Broadway was designed by the Hancock Brothers in Classical Revival style and built in 1905. The building housed the Dixon Laundry on the street level, and a 20 room hotel on the second level. J. E. Dixon was the original owner of the building, and it cost $22,000 to build. It was suggested to Mr. Dixon that a hotel upstairs would help pay for the building, and Fargo needed room for travelers arriving at the nearby Great Northern railroad station. It was sold to Bill Lee, then owner of the Model Laundry, in about 1940. In about 1950, Harold Reed of Reed Travel Agency bought the building. It was still operating as a hotel in 1953. The Moose Lodge acquired the building in 1964-1965. The hotel closed its doors in the spring of 1977, one reason for closing was the fact that the hotel only had one shared bath facility for both men and women. According to a Fargo Forum article from July 31, 1977, North Dakota state law forbid such an arrangement, and it was deemed too expensive to remodel.

In the late 2000s, Brandt Properties, remodeled the building for use as housing, retail, and office space.