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    • Samuelson Family Interview 

      Berg, Donald G.; Berg, Donald G. (12/3/2015)
      Typed summary of an interview by Don Berg with an unidentified Samuelson son, concerning the Corser Farm located near Crookston, Minn. Includes mention of his parents emigrating from Sweden to America, returning to Sweden, ...
    • Sandel Naftalin Family Papers, 1953-1967 

      Naftalin, Arthur; Naftalin, Sandel; Naftalin, Arthur; Naftalin, Sandel (9/27/2012)
      Correspondence, interview with Naftalin, and biographical summary and clippings, chiefly relating to his son, Arthur Naftalin, mayor of Minneapolis, Minn. (1961-1969).
    • Save the Air National Guard Records, 2003-2005 

      Save the Air National Guard; Save the Air National Guard (2014-11-25)
      The Save the Air National Guard Records primarily included support group information, financial records, research and statistics, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and presentations. There is one artifact included in ...
    • Scandia School District #22 (Pierce County, N.D.) Records, 1912-1956 

      Scandia School District #22 (Pierce County, N.D.); Scandia School District #22 (Pierce County, N.D.) (2008-11-07)
      Small, rural school in Pierce County composed of German-Russian and Norwegian-American students that was eventually absorbed into the Rugby School System in 1970.
    • Seifert & Staszko Associates architectural records, 1953-1987 

      Seifert & Staszko Associates; Seifert & Staszko Associates (2009-11-04)
      The Seifert & Staszko Associates records document the architectural work of the firm from 1953 to 1987, however the majority of the records are from the mid-1950s to 1970s. Whether the collection is complete for all projects ...
    • Shelterbelt Project Collection 

      Prairie States Forestry Project; Prairie States Forestry Project (2015-09-30)
      Minutes and resolution relating to the establishment of a forest research center in North Dakota, copies of Forestry News Digest, newspaper clippings, and other documents, concerning Prairie States Forestry Project (also ...
    • Sherbrooke in Steele County 

      Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association; Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association (2015-05-18)
      The Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association Papers consist of scrapbook pages from 1909-1924. The organization worked to promote the interests of farmers and ranchers, and worked closely with the North Dakota ...
    • Sheyenne National Grasslands Research Files, 1935-2001 

      Toomey, Maria; Toomey, Maria (2009-08-31)
      Maria Toomey, originally of Ambrose, and later, Enderlin, North Dakota, was a North Dakota State University student who in 2002 researched the establishment and environmental history of the Sheyenne National Grasslands, ...
    • Sheyenne River Collection 

      Cudworth, Clair; Cudworth, Clair (2015-12-01)
      Paper by Clair Cudworth relating to prehistoric man in the upper Sheyenne River Valley, and clippings and other materials, concerning Baldhill Dam and Lake Ashtabula.
    • Sheyenne School District No. 14 records, 1880-1917. 

      Sheyenne School District No. 14 (Cass County, N.D.); Sheyenne School District No. 14 (Cass County, N.D.) (2015-06-01)
      The Sheyenne School District No. 14 was located in northeastern Harwood Township, Cass County. The collection contains clerks' records of meetings (1891-1903, 1905-1909), treasurers' ledgers (1880-1911), and teachers' ...
    • Si Poppler Collection, circa 1950s 

      Poppler, Si; Poppler, Si (9/17/2012)
      His recollections of a moose hunting trip to The Pas in northern Manitoba, Canada, illustrated with his sketches.
    • Simon V. Hoag Papers, 1874-1926 

      Hoag, Simon; Hoag, Simon (2008-10-07)
      Simon Hoag was a Cass County, ND pioneer. The collection consists of correspondence (1907-1926) and records relating to the Dakota Territory, Fargo, and national Granges; and the Red River Valley Old Settlers' Association.
    • Sinner Family Collection, 1953-1998 

      Sinner Family; Sinner Family (10/1/2012)
      Clippings which mention the SB & B partnership, a Sinner family reunion, various Sinner family members, and a letter, dated Sept. 25, 1964, from President Lyndon B. Johnson.
    • Society for the Friendless – North Dakota Division Pamphlet 

      Society for the Friendless - North Dakota Division; Society for the Friendless - North Dakota Division (4/6/2015)
      Pamphlet giving its staff, Rev. & Mrs. L.W. Bartholow, board of directors, purpose, statistical report, and promotion for public assistance. Pamphlet also lists name of organization as: North Dakota Society for the Friendless.
    • Socio-economic Farm Organization Development Records 

      Hellebust, A. L.; Hellebust, A. L. (2015-12-01)
      Incomplete carbon typed copy and serialized newspaper edition of his paper which is a history of the development of farm organizations in North Dakota, particularly the Farmers Union. Article mentions early organizers A.W. ...
    • Sociological survey of Colfax Township, Richland County, North Dakota 

      Hay, Donald G.; Hay, Donald G. (2015-11-04)
      Consists of a sociological survey of this Richland County rural community; survey was done by Donald G. Hay as a senior student project. It includes historical data and information on social institutions and activities.
    • Sod House Days in the Red River Valley Records 

      Overby, Arthur; Overby, Arthur (2015-11-19)
      Typed reminiscence (19 leaves) on his pioneer Norwegian immigrant parents, Andrew and Christine Overby, who settled in Wilkin County, Minn. in 1890. Includes mention of digging water wells, plowing with oxen, description ...
    • “Sondre Norheim: Forgotten man of skiing” by Roger H. Olson 

      Olson, Roger H.; Olson, Roger H. (7/20/2016)
      Short typed biographical article on Sondre Norheim, the father of modern skiing, who emigrated from Morgedal, Norway to Denbigh, N.D. in McHenry County. Includes mention of early skiers, Torjus and Mikkel Hemmestvidt, ...
    • Soroptimist International of Fargo Records, 1951-2014 

      Soroptimist International of Fargo; Soroptimist International of Fargo (1/12/2016)
      The Soroptimist International of Fargo, ND Records consists of club information, procedures and bylaws, correspondence, meeting minutes and conference reports, service information, treasurer and financial records, newsletters, ...
    • Soule Family Papers, 1859-1914 

      Soule Family Papers; Soule Family Papers (2008-10-08)
      Family orginially from New York. Ambrose served in the Civil War. George fled to Mexico due to embezzling funds from the railroad.