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    • Biographical Sketch of James Bartron II 

      Houghton, Mrs. Walter; Houghton, Mrs. Walter (4/8/2015)
      Photocopy of a biographical sketch by a granddaughter, Mrs. Walter Houghton, on the pioneer life of her grandparents James and Sarah Bartron who came to Coleharbor in 1882, including mention of the Fort Stevenson Indian ...
    • Biography of Fred H. Palmer 

      Duggan, Robert T.; Duggan, Robert T. (2015-04-07)
      Paper written for an English class at NDSU documenting the life of the author's grandfather, particularly the difficult years during the 1930s depression and as postmaster at Page, N.D.
    • Biography of Theophil and Frieda Ricker 

      Eisenbeis, Clyde; Eisenbeis, Sheryl; Eisenbeis, Clyde; Eisenbeis, Sheryl (4/6/2015)
      A brief biography of Theophil and Frieda Ricker. Includes information on living in Russia, Theophil’s immigration to the United States, and the couple’s life after meeting and marrying. Written by the couple’s grandchildren ...
    • Birgit Berg Jones Collection 

      Jones, Birgit Berg; Jones, Norman Berg; Jones, Birgit Berg; Jones, Norman Berg (2015-12-09)
      Letter and notes on her later life written by son Norman, photocopy of her Norwegian nursing school certificate (1897), and her obituary.
    • Bishop of Diocese of Fargo, Leo F. Dworshak, Oral History, 1988 

      Sherman, William; Sherman, William (3/15/2013)
      Typed transcript of conversation about the life and times of Bishop Dworschak, edited by Rev. Bill Sherman. Those present were Father Albert Binder, Jerome Lamb, Father George Mehok, Msgr. Allan Nilles, Jerry Ruff and ...
    • Bitz Family Records 

      Bitz, Al; Bitz, Al (2016-07-19)
      Photocopy of Father Bitz's genealogy, a computer printout. It contains the descendants of Balthaser Bitz, a German-Russian, whose children immigrated to Napoleon and Strasburg, N.D., Aberdeen, S.D., and Canada.
    • Bjerke Family Reunion Minutes, 1937-1980 

      Bjerke family; Bjerke family (9/26/2012)
      Photocopy of secretary's book for the Bjerke reunions, organized for descendants of Erick and Berthe Maria Bjerke, Norwegian immigrants, who settled near Hatton, N.D.
    • Bjugstad Family Papers 

      Bjugstad, Ole; Bjugstad, Ole (2015-09-08)
      Genealogy of the Ole and Karen Bjugstad family. He emigrated from Vardal, Norway in 1866, living in Wisconsin with his parents before coming to Dakota Territory in 1881, settling near Finley, N.D.
    • The Black Company Records, 1922-1990 

      Black Company; Black Company
      Records of the George M. Black Company, Fargo, North Dakota business responsible for the Black Building, Blacks Store Without A Name, and various other commercial enterprises.
    • Blaine and Muriel Schultz Family History Records 

      Schultz, Blaine Harris; Schultz, Muriel Eleanor Tessman; Schultz, Blaine Harris; Schultz, Muriel Eleanor Tessman
      Family History records for the German and Norwegian ancestors of Blaine Schultz and Muriel Tessman, who settled in Traill County, North Dakota. Family names include Erickson, Gulbrandson, Ramseth/Ramsett, Olson, Otterson/Talle, ...
    • Blanchard Farm Records, 1902, 1954 

      Blanchard Farm (N.D.); Blanchard Farm (N.D.) (11/1/2012)
      Letter of David McCulloch to Datus Smith, correspondence of Mrs. E. H. Smith of Linton, N.D. to Leonard Sackett, and her reminiscences about life on the bonanza farm, and her father David McCulloch who was its farm superintendent.
    • Blue Capes – Scarlet Linings Records 

      Boleyn, Angela; Boleyn, Angela (2015-06-05)
      Reprints of series of 58 articles that appeared in the Fargo Forum newspaper between May 1935 and July 1936 regarding North Dakota nurses that served in World War I. Each has a photograph of the nurse along with some ...
    • Bobby Vee Collection 

      Vee, Bobby; Vee, Bobby (2016-07-06)
      Various newspaper and magazine articles about his singing career, brochure with a discography, and souvenir program.
    • Bowlin and Herda Fort Abercrombie Article, 2015 

      Bowlin, William F.; Herda, David N.; Bowlin, William F.; Herda, David N. (2016-10-21)
      A photocopy of the article is included.
    • Brooktree Park Subdivision Collection 

      Weiser, Susan; Winlaw, Rae Ann; Grimm, Marjorie; Weiser, Susan; Winlaw, Rae Ann; Grimm, Marjorie (2015-12-01)
      A study entitled Brooktree Park Subdivision, a study of a rural nonfarm community; done as a senior term paper by Susan Weiser, Rae Ann Winlaw, and Marjorie Grimm for Sociology class at North Dakota State University.
    • Builders and Traders Exchange Records, 1936 

      Unknown author
      This small collection contains several pieces that have pricing for building materials as well as two contracts for pricing a building.
    • Burleigh F. Spalding Collection, 1924-1975 

      Spalding, Burleigh F. (Burleigh Folsom); Spalding, Burleigh F. (Burleigh Folsom) (2012-09-07)
      Reminiscences (73 p., 1924) chiefly relating to North Dakota politics and Spalding's activities as U.S. representative (1899-1901, 1903-1905), with the state Republican Party, and as North Dakota Supreme Court judge ...
    • Burr Boatman Papers 

      Boatman, Burr; Boatman, Burr (7/15/2016)
      Letter from his sister Mrs. George Wright to Leonard Sackett, a typed summary of an interview with Sackett (4 leaves), concerning his father R.P. (Robert Porter) Boatman, the Loring Farm, and B.B. Boatman's employment with ...
    • Burton Palmer Collection 

      Palmer, Burton; Palmer, Burton (6/23/2016)
      Typed summary of brief interview (1 leaf) with Leonard Sackett concerning his parents, Frederick and Anna (Johnson) Palmer, who emigrated from Canada, worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad, later homesteaded near ...
    • Business Women’s Club of Fargo Records 

      Business Women's Club of Fargo; Business Women's Club of Fargo (2015-04-07)
      Four issues of its newsletter, "Fargo business woman" and a program for a play presented at the North Dakota Agricultural College Little Country Theatre