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    • Cass County, North Dakota School History Collection 

      Cass County Centennial Committee (2015-04-08)
      The Goshen years, 1935-1938 / Vivian McClung Bautz -- The country years at Goshen, 1955-1962 / Margie Buckholz -- Quammen -- Memories of my teaching days (Ruth Kermis) the year of 47-48 in Goshen, District #20 / Mrs. Ernie ...
    • Casselton, N.D., community surveys, 1924-1936 

      Casselton, N.D., community surveys (6/16/2015)
      Questionnaires (1924) and survey team reports compiled on Casselton, N.D., a Cass County community, in connection with the Institute of Social and Religious Research's series entitled American village studies; together ...
    • Catherine Buttery Scrapbooks, 1931-1935 

      Buttery, Catherine (11/23/2010)
      The Catherine Buttery Throlson Scrapbooks document her life from 1931 to 1935 while attending Warwick High School and Mayville State Teachers College. The scrapbooks are a window to a young woman’s life in rural North ...
    • Catholic Diocese of Fargo Historical Survey Sheets, 1908 

      Catholic Church. Diocese of Fargo (10/18/2010)
    • Central Sheep Growers Association Records, 1930-1934 

      Central Sheep Growers Association (2008-10-07)
      The Central Sheep Growers Association was one of twelve district organizations of the North Dakota Cooperative Wool Marketing Association. The incomplete records show that it was operating during the years 1930-1934 to ...
    • A Century Together Records, 1975 

      Century Together (2008-10-07)
      The research papers amassed by the History Section of the Fine Arts Club of Fargo, that was asked to prepare the Fargo portion of a history of Fargo-Moorhead for the 1975 centennial celebration of Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn.
    • Chaffee family 

      Chaffee family (11/26/2012)
      Correspondence; excerpts from diary (1892-1909) of George L. Dunning, laborer and farm superintendent of Amenia and Sharon farm; genealogical material; term papers; biography of Eben Whitney Chaffee by W.C. Hunter; two ...
    • Charles A. Roberts Family Collection, 1925-1934, 1954 

      Roberts, Charles A. (9/21/2012)
      Newspaper clippings of the Roberts family. Includes a 1934 series of interviews of Matilda Roberts by Ida May Owen concerning life in early Fargo, with mention of her dressmaking business, selling sewing machines, the birth ...
    • Charles B. Erdel Papers 

      Erdel, Charles B. (2016-06-02)
      Chiefly letters received by Erdel for liquor orders from individuals living in North Dakota, which was dry at the time. Originals salvaged from the basement of the Rathskeller Saloon, in Moorhead, prior to its demolition.
    • Charles Bohnsack Papers, 1859-1957 

      Bohnsack, Charles (10/18/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (10 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Grandin farms where Bohnsack worked, his early life, and clippings about him, his children, and their farmland. FOLDER
    • Charles Canning Collection 

      Canning, Charles (11/4/2015)
      Biographical sketches of Charles Canning (1 leaf each), reminiscence (3 leaves) concerning Oscar Sjordahl and Green, N.D. by son J.H. Canning, a sketch (2 leaves) on the ferry at Hendrum, Minn.-Quincy, N.D. by Sally Canning, ...
    • Charles D. Brown Diary 

      Brown, Charles D. (2015-08-05)
      His diary while serving in the military during the Civil War. All entries are very complete, includes his incidental expenses.
    • Charles E. Davis Interview 

      Davis, Charles E.; Sackett, Leonard (2015-11-24)
      Typed transcript of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning the Baldwin Land Company farms in Dickey County, and their management. Owned by George Baldwin, and later, his sons George B. and Charles F. Baldwin.
    • Charles E. Grady Interview 

      Grady, Charles E.; Sackett, Leonard (2015-07-30)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning his pioneer father, Charles Grady, who worked for the Grandins at Quincy, N.D., the steamboat "Grandin" which was used to haul grain, and the first bridge across ...
    • Charles F. Amidon Papers, 1892-1939 

      Amidon, Charles F. (2008-10-06)
      New York and Pennsylvania native who began his career as an educator before being appointed United States District Judge for North Dakota by President Grover Cleveland
    • Charles Farnsworth Papers, 1888-1955 

      Farnsworth, Charles (2008-10-07)
      Career military man who saw action in conflicts with the Indians, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.
    • Charles Fleming Papers, 1987-1992 

      Fleming, Charles (2008-10-07)
      Served as Gov. George Sinner's chief of staff from 1984 to 1992, after having been his 1984 campaign manager.
    • Charles G. Bangert Papers, 1900-1966 

      Bangert, Charles G. (2008-10-06)
      Iowa native who received his law degree through correspondence courses and served as city attorney of Enderlin, ND for 40 years as well as being active with the Enderlin Independent, the local paper, and serving as a state ...
    • Charles H. Eggert Collection, 1950-1959 

      Eggert, Charles H. (7/22/2016)
      Typed summary (10 leaves) of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning Eggert's work on area farms, including the Leach Farm, and newspaper clippings which mention James Kennedy and the Leach Farm, the golden anniversary ...
    • Charles H. Hobart Papers, 1930-1934 

      Hobart, Charles H. (2008-10-07)
      Hobart wrote five letters in the 1930s detailing his family settling near Cummings, N.D. in the 1880s.