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    • Bachelors and Benedicts Dance Club Records 

      Bachelors and Benedicts Dance Club (Fargo, N.D.); Bachelors and Benedicts Dance Club (Fargo, N.D.) (2009-05-13)
    • Badlands of North Dakota collection, 1923-1968. 

      Unknown author (2013-08-26)
      Mss. of poems; "Enchanting Badlands" by Nellie B. Noyce; pamphlets, including one relating to Peaceful Valley Ranch (part of Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park); clippings; and other material, concerning the Badlands ...
    • Bagg Bonanza Farm Collection, 1987- 

      Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society; Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society (9/24/2012)
      Brochure, correspondence, clippings, and "Bonanza farm bulletin" newsletter, all issued by the Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society. Brochure includes a map of the farm with location of existing buildings and some ...
    • Baldwin Corporation Records, 1823-1954 (bulk 1898-1936) 

      Baldwin Corporation; Baldwin Corporation (2008-11-06)
      The Company was founded in 1898 and was based in Appleton, Wisconsin with large land holdings (75,000 acres) in Dickey Country, ND. The collection consists of personal family papers of George Baldwin (1830-1907), its ...
    • Banner Health System Records, 1937-2002 

      Banner Health System; Banner Health System (2008-10-06)
      Through publications and historical works documents the development of Lutheran Hospitals and Homes Society, later called Lutheran Health Systems, before merger to form Banner Health Systems in 1999.
    • Barbara Schmitt Whitney Collection, 1955-1956 

      Whitney, Barbara Schmitt; Whitney, Barbara Schmitt (7/26/2016)
      Letter from her sister, Louise Jackson, jacket from her book, "Descent of the white bird," and a newspaper clipping.
    • Bardi G. Skulason collection of papers, 1901-1955. 

      Skulason, Bardi G.; Skulason, Bardi G. (2013-08-26)
      Icelandic American lawyer and state legislator, of Mountain, N.D., and later of Oregon.
    • Ben Barrett Papers, ca. 1950-1975 

      Barrett, Benjamin Harrison; Barrett, Benjamin Harrison (2008-10-06)
      Extension agent in Emmons County, N. D. from 1934 to 1959 who wrote about his life as an agent and early farmer.
    • Benjamin F. Mackall Family Papers, 1953-1955 

      Mackall, Benjamin F.; Mackall, Benjamin F. (11/8/2012)
      Correspondence; interviews with Mackall's son and daughter-in-law, Henry C. and Margaret (Robertson) Mackall, of Minneapolis, Minn., relating to Mackall, the family business, B.F. Mackall Inc., and John L. Grandin, owner ...
    • Benson and Johnsgard General Store Records, 1895-1907 

      Benson and Johnsgard General Store (Christine, N.D.); Benson and Johnsgard General Store (Christine, N.D.) (2009-05-28)
      The Benson and Johnsgard General Store records consist entirely of six financial records. The volumes document purchases, sales, credits, and debits and stock inventories from 1895 to 1907. The records provide a nice glimpse ...
    • Benson County Agricultural and Training School Collection 

      Benson County Agricultural and Training School; Benson County Agricultural and Training School (4/7/2015)
      Copy of a student survey (37 leaves) on the topics of dating, future plans, sex education, compiled and written by Lois Knatterud, a NDAC student, and a newspaper clipping.
    • Benson County Agricultural and Training School Records, 1946-2017 

      Benson County Agricultural and Training School; Benson County Agricultural and Training School
      By 1911, many North Dakota community farmers recognized the need for training youth in the fundamentals of agriculture. On March 6, 1911, a bill was introduced by Senator A.S. Gibbens and Governor John Burke that would ...
    • Benson County, North Dakota Maps 

      Unknown author (11/16/2015)
      Photocopy of 1905 map of Benson County showing land ownership by township (incomplete), possibly copied from a large wall map. Some sections illegible.
    • Berlin Township Poll Books 1921-1954 

      Berlin (N.D. : Township); Berlin (N.D. : Township) (6/2/2015)
      This collection consists of Poll and tally lists for primary and general elections, of Berlin Township in Cass County, N.D.
    • Bert M. Salisbury Papers, 1950-ca. 1953 

      Salisbury, Bert M. (Bert Marl),; Salisbury, Bert M. (Bert Marl), (2012-09-14)
      Correspondence (1935-1936), reminiscences relating to Salisbury's career and local politics, speeches, contracts, and expense account records. Includes information pertaining to the Benson County Holiday Association and ...
    • Bertha Wichern interview, 1954. 

      Wichern, Bertha; Wichern, Bertha (2013-09-24)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett (4 leaves) concerning her work on the Lockhart Farm near Ada, Minn. Includes mention of the family's one room sod house, working at age eleven, caring for small children, ...
    • Bessie E. McKenzie Interview, 1956 

      McKenzie, Bessie Elliott; McKenzie, Bessie Elliott (2013-06-04)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett about her father John Elliott who was foreman at the Rand and Brown Farm, managing various businesses, and family history material. He settled in Traill County, N.D.
    • “Besta: a story of North Dakota pioneers” by Cyrene Bakke Dear 

      Dear, Cyrene Bakke; Dear, Cyrene Bakke (2016-07-12)
      Photocopy of an article published serially in the Grand Forks herald. It contains the life of Karen (Erickson) Bakke, who settled in the Goose River Valley, Traill County, N.D. in 1871 with her Norwegian immigrant parents, ...
    • Bigelow Neal collection, 1933-1962. 

      Neal, Bigelow; Neal, Bigelow (12/3/2012)
      Correspondence with Dean H.L. Walster regarding North Dakota Agricultural College, President West, H.L. Walster, A.E. Minard, George and Oscar Will, and A.F. Yeager, clippings, typed copy of "Baron of Cowland," (10 leaves), ...
    • Billy Petrolle Collection, 1927, 1974, 1983 

      Petrolle, Billy; Petrolle, Billy (9/28/2012)
      Copy of The Ring (May 1927) with article on Petrolle and his picture on the cover, obituary, and photostatic copies of newspaper articles by Ed Kolpack, interviewing Henry Hurley, brother of Petrolle's trainer and manager, ...