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    • Earl C. and Marie Early Reineke Papers, 1929-1965 

      Reineke, Earl C.; Early, Marie; Reineke, Earl C.; Early, Marie (2008-10-08)
      The Earl C. and Marie Early Reineke Papers, both Fargo natives, document his interests in radios that turned into the founding of WDAY. Marie Early Reineke, who had been a professional model in New York City, operated the ...
    • Earl T. Carley Interview 

      Carley, Earl T; Drache, Hiram M.; Carley, Earl T; Drache, Hiram M. (12/3/2015)
      Typed summary of interview with Hiram Drache concerning the Chaffee family and life in Amenia, N.D. Includes mention of Herbert F., Carrie T., and Eben Chaffee, other Chaffee family members, the death of H.F. Chaffee, the ...
    • Earle M. Giesey Poetry Booklets 

      Giesey, Earle M.; Giesey, Earle M. (2015-12-03)
      Original handwritten booklets of poetry. One booklet entitled "Bits of Verse" contains two poems, one entitled 'Voiceless heartaches' and 'To My Ideal.' The other booklet entitled "Poems" contains The separation-beginning ...
    • “The early history of Mohall, North Dakota” by Luella Hall 

      Hall, Luella; Hall, Luella (2016-07-19)
      Photocopy of her typed history of Mohall, N.D. founded in 1901 by M.O. Hall, in Renville County. The four chapters are: 1. "Physiography of the Mouse River Loop, North Dakota," 2. "The founding of Mohall," 3. "The coming ...
    • Easter Lodge No. 40, Knights of Pythias Records, 1900-1902 

      Easter Lodge No. 40, Knights of Pythias; Easter Lodge No. 40, Knights of Pythias (2012-09-12)
      Minutes (1 v., Dec. 1900-June 1902), including several transfer and withdrawal cards; letter; and receipts.
    • Eben E. Saunders Collection, 1914-1926 

      Saunders, Eben; Saunders, Eben (2008-10-08)
      An Englishman whose family immigrated to Michigan who became an ordained Congregational minister and published numerous newspaper articles on the history of North Dakota and the Red River Valley.
    • Eben G. Guthrie Family Collection 

      Guthrie, Eben George; Guthrie, Eben George (2015-10-01)
      Correspondence; family history concerning the Guthrie name; historical sketch of Alice Rutledge, early North Dakota teacher; poetry; pamphlets, chiefly tributes on the death of Guthrie; and clippings. Includes information ...
    • Edna LaMoore Waldo Collection, 1931-1956 

      Waldo, Edna LaMoore; Waldo, Edna LaMoore (2012-09-07)
      Review of "Dakota", copies of "Pageant of the Missouri", "Sunbonnet Trail", unbound first printing of "Dakota", several letters, biographical and genealogical material on the Dearborn, Freeman, and LaMoore families, and ...
    • Edward Bjornholt Diary, 1903-1907 

      Bjornholt, Edward; Bjornholt, Edward (9/28/2012)
      Photocopies of the original diary of Edward Bjornholt together with an English translation. Diary begins with his departure for America in April 1903, coming to Montevideo, Minnesota where he worked for an Erik Molstad. ...
    • Edward Evanson Papers 

      Evanson, Edward; Evanson, Edward (2015-10-01)
      Correspondence, and typed summary of interview (4 leaves) with Leonard Sackett with corrections concerning his life, Dennis Ryan of St. Paul, Minn., and Ryan Hotel in St. Paul.
    • Edward P. Wells Papers, 1882-1941 

      Wells, Edward P.; Wells, Edward P. (2008-10-08)
      Built the first house in Jamestown, ND and his scrapbooks nicely document the early political situation in North Dakota.
    • Edward Sautebin Collection 

      Sautebin, Edward; Sautebin, Edward (2015-11-10)
      U.S. citizenship certificate of Gustav Blanchard, Adella Sautebin's father; golden jubilee pamphlet (1932) on Addison District No. 39 school, Davenport, N.D.; pencil drawing entitled "Vieux Cabaret Chez Miche a Malbray ...
    • Edwin and Clara Johnson Letters, 1880-1898 

      Johnson, Clara; Johnson, Edwin; Johnson, Clara; Johnson, Edwin (2008-10-08)
    • Edwin F. Ladd Papers, 1890-1966 

      Ladd, Edwin F.; Ladd, Edwin F. (2008-10-08)
      First chemistry professor at North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU), later president of NDAC, before becoming a U.S. Senator for North Dakota.
    • Edwin Fissinger Papers, 1948-1990 

      Fissinger, Edwin; Fissinger, Edwin (2008-10-07)
      Professor of Music at North Dakota State University and nationally recognized as a composer and editor of choral music.
    • Effie Rosenberg Scrapbook, 1930s 

      Rosenberg, Effie; Rosenberg, Effie (2016-07-21)
      Photocopy of scrapbook compiled by Effie Rosenberg, which documents Olaf Rosenberg's ski jumping, primarily at Fargo, N.D. and California, with some mention of tournaments at S.D. and Minnesota. Includes clippings and ...
    • Eileen Tuff Diaries, 1920-1947 

      Tuff, Eileen; Tuff, Eileen (2008-10-08)
      Iowa native whose family settled near Rugby, North Dakota in 1899. Eileen Tuff kept diaries of her life on the farm, spanning from 1920 to 1947. Her diaries give us a detailed description of life on a farm in North Dakota ...
    • Einar A. Hagen Interview 

      Hagen, Einar A.; Hagen, Einar A. (2015-10-15)
      Typed summary of interview concerning his pioneer father, Tobias Hagen, a Norwegian immigrant from Hadeland, Norway, Allie Power, and working on the Helendale Farm. Newspaper clipping about his sawmill included.
    • Einar D. Anderson Interview 

      Anderson, Einar D.; Sackett, Leonard; Anderson, Einar D.; Sackett, Leonard (2015-07-29)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning the De Casenove family of Virginia who owned land near Perley, Minn.
    • Einar Olstad Collection 

      Olstad, Einar; Olstad, Einar (2015-10-15)
      Painting exhibition program (1953) at the North Dakota Agricultural College, newspaper clippings, and a color postcard reproduction of his painting of square dancing in a home.