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    • H. Dan McGrew Papers, 1948-1955 

      McGrew, H. Dan; McGrew, H. Dan (11/8/2012)
      Letter, typed summary of interview with H. Dan and Zoe McGrew (3 leaves) concerning the Hill Farm, its buildings, the house, a dam built by Walter Hill and altered by Maurice Florance, the farm after the Florance family ...
    • H. Elaine Lindgren Papers on the Fargo 12th Avenue North Bridge Controversy, 1961-1986 

      Lindgren, H. Elaine; Lindgren, H. Elaine (2008-10-07)
      North Dakota State University professor of Sociology who spent twelve years studying a grassroots group that opposed the construction of a bridge to be used for commercial purposes through their residential neighborhood.
    • H. Elaine Lindgren Research Papers, 1977-2003 

      Lindgren, H. Elaine; Lindgren, H. Elaine (2008-10-08)
      Research papers of NDSU Sociology professor H. Elaine Lindgren related primarily to her books Land in Her Own Name: Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota, "Coal, Cuba, and Courage: The Adventuresome Spirit of Annie C. ...
    • H. Engerud Papers, 1975 

      Engerud, Harold; Engerud, Harold (2015-08-03)
      Photocopy of typescript reminiscence by Mr. Engerud regarding growing up in Fargo, N.D. at the turn of the 20th century. He describes the town of Fargo, brother Karl, brother Louis and his Leghorn chickens, politics, ...
    • H. Norman Harrison Collection Papers 

      Harrison, H. Norman; Harrison, H. Norman (2015-06-09)
      Photocopies of letters written to and from Mr. and Mrs. H. Norman Harrison, beginning with a letter to his son in May 1904 from Pembina before his family had arrived to serve the local Episcopal parish. He apparently quickly ...
    • Haile Chisholm Papers, 1876, 1921-1951 

      Chisholm, Haile; Chisholm, Haile (2008-10-07)
      Long time blacksmith at North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU) and poet.
    • Halbert Webb Papers, 1914, 1954-1957 

      Webb, Halbert L.; Webb, Halbert L. (3/8/2013)
      Correspondence, typed summary of interview (13 leaves) with Leonard Sackett, and the original handwritten copy (40 leaves) and a typed copy (23 leaves) of his recollections titled "Some recollections of Halbert L. Webb," ...
    • Hale Aarnes Speeches, 1943-1969 

      Aarnes, Hale; Aarnes, Hale
      The numerous handwritten and typed speeches he gave to many organizations and events by Hale Aarnes, former chairman of the NDSU Education Department.
    • “The Hand on the Plow” Manuscript, 2010s 

      Kutz, Anna W.; Kutz, Anna W. (2016-10-19)
      Folder contains a program from her memorial service as well as a typed manuscript for her autobiographical novel, “The Hand on the Plow”.
    • Hans E. Hanson papers, 1879-1967. 

      Hanson, Hans E.; Hanson, Hans E. (2013-05-10)
      Correspondence, reminiscences relating to Hanson's settlement in Hegton Township and early life in the Larimore, N.D., area, land patents, appointment certificate as postmaster (1879), and clippings.
    • Hanson Mechanical Trade School Records, 1926, 1967-1968 

      Hanson Mechanical Trade School; Hanson Mechanical Trade School (9/26/2012)
      Booklet (ca. 1926) with extensive information on school and which was sent to prospective students, accreditation certificate, trade school association membership certificate, instruction lesson for electric class, 50th ...
    • Happy Hour Homemakers Club (Osnabrock, ND) records, 1965-1994 

      Happy Hour Homemakers Club (Osnabrock, ND); Happy Hour Homemakers Club (Osnabrock, ND)
      The object of the Happy Hour Homemakers Club is to study and put into practice information on homemaking. By using the name of Homemakers, the club must be associated with the Extension Service of NDSU. The purpose of the ...
    • Happy Hour Homemakers Club Records, 1930-1979 

      Happy Hour Homemakers (Bohnsack Township, N.D.); Happy Hour Homemakers (Bohnsack Township, N.D.) (2008-10-07)
      The Happy Hour Homemakers Club was organized in 1928 in Bohnsack Township, Traill County. Its records include program booklets, secretary’s record books, major projects record books, treasurer’s ledger, and various subject files.
    • Harald M. Rudd Collection 

      Rudd, Harald M.; Norwegian Singers Association of America; Rudd, Harald M.; Norwegian Singers Association of America (2015-11-17)
      Articles of incorporation, constitution and bylaws of the North Dakota State Band of Fargo, N.D. (1902), Norwegian Singers Association of America Sangerfest souvenir programs of the 1912 (11th) held in Fargo, N.D. and the ...
    • Harriet E. Macy Gearey Diary 

      Gearey, Harriet, E. Macy; Gearey, Harriet, E. Macy (2015-09-30)
      Transcription of Harriet Gearey's diary of 1873 done by Mary Carol Judge in 2008, together with photocopy of original diary pages, compiled in spiral-bound volume. In addition to the diary, includes biographical information ...
    • Harry A. Marsden Interview, 1956 

      Marsden, Harry A.; Marsden, Harry A. (2013-06-25)
      Typed summary of interview concerning his father, Arthur Marsden, who managed the de Cazenove farm in Norman County, Minn. Later Arthur rented the farm on a shares agreement, and purchased his own farm in 1916 in Elm ...
    • Harry Lashkowitz Papers, 1910-1963 

      Lashkowitz, Harry (second accession); Lashkowitz, Harry (second accession) (2008-10-08)
      Jewish immigrant from the Ukraine who became one of Fargo's most successful lawyers and most active community and Jewish leaders in the state. This collection illustrates Harry's committement to B'nai B'rith and the ...
    • Harry Lashkowitz Papers, 1912-1963 

      Lashkowitz, Harry (first accession); Lashkowitz, Harry (first accession) (2008-10-08)
      Jewish immigrant from the Ukraine who became one of Fargo's most successful lawyers and most active community and Jewish leaders in the state. This collection provides a good example of a lawyer's case work.
    • Harry T. Alsop Papers, 1882, 1919-1948 

      Alsop, Harry T.; Alsop, Harry T. (10/1/2012)
      Correspondence of Alsop and his father, Harry W. Alsop, concerning steamboating on the Red River, reminiscences and speeches of both Alsops, and newspapers clippings.
    • Harwood Township records, 1887-1922. 

      Harwood (N.D. : Township); Harwood (N.D. : Township) (6/2/2015)
      The Harwood Township Records include Poll Books, a Road Record Book, a Treasurer’s Book, Jury Lists, and Town Records.