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    • O.S. Gunderson Papers, 1880-1989 

      Gunderson, O.S. (Ole S.); Gunderson, O.S. (Ole S.) (2011-02-07)
    • Oakes, N.D., community surveys, 1924-1936 

      Oakes, N.D., community surveys; Oakes, N.D., community surveys (2015-06-16)
      Questionnaire reports (1924) compiled on Oakes, N.D., community in Dickey County, in connection with the Institute of Social and Religious Research's series entitled American village studies; together with follow-up studies ...
    • Obituaries of Sisters, 1916-1996 

      Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (2015-05-22)
      Photocopy of a binder in the chapel of St. Francis Convent in Hankinson, N.D. Obituaries of 97 Franciscan sisters at that convent and four priests, who served as chaplains for the Sisters. Each obituary includes a portrait ...
    • Olaf Anderson Interview, 1955 

      Anderson, Olaf; Anderson, Olaf (12/5/2012)
      Typed summary of an interview with Leonard Sackett about the village of Grandin with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.
    • Olaf E. Hagman Papers, 1914-1956 

      Hagman, Olaf E.; Hagman, Olaf E. (2015-04-06)
      Correspondence relating to daily affairs; biographical histories; diary (1914-1915, 1917, 1919), of Hagman's sister, Annie (Hagman) Johnson, including clippings concerning family and friends; programs and pamphlets of 83rd ...
    • Olaf Leikvam Interview, 1955 

      Leikvam, Olaf; Leikvam, Olaf (3/22/2013)
      Typed summary of detailed interview (7 leaves) with Leonard Sackett and corrections concerning his employment on the Richards Farm, the main house, farm buildings, livestock, Richards family members, especially father Harry ...
    • Olaf Sand Papers, 1897-1955 

      Sand, Olaf; Sand, Olaf (2008-10-08)
      Immigrant from Norway who was one of the founders of St. Lukes Hospital in Fargo and recipient of the Knights Cross, First Class of the Order of Saint Olav from King Haakon of Norway.
    • Olaus C. Olson Interview, 1955 

      Olson, Olaus C.; Olson, Olaus C. (11/27/2012)
      Typed summary of interview and addenda, with Leonard Sackett, relating to steamboats hauling grain on the Red River, the Richards Farm, includes mention of Harry Richards, his wife, and son, Elliott, the Grandin elevator ...
    • Olaus Hanson and John Jensen Interview 

      Hanson, Olaus; Jensen, John; Hanson, Olaus; Jensen, John (2015-06-05)
      Typed transcript of interview with Mr. Hanson and John Jensen, concerning their families, working on the G.S. Barnes Farm near Glyndon. Includes mention of their fathers who emigrated from Norway (Olie Hanson, Telemarken, ...
    • Olaus Johnson Family History, 1955-1959 

      Johnson, Olaus; Johnson, Sophie; Johnson, Olaus; Johnson, Sophie (2016-07-25)
      Mimeographed copy (18 leaves) of genealogy compiled by Oscar; includes several family obituaries.
    • Ole A. Bryn Reminiscences 

      Bryn, Ole A.; Bryn, Ole A. (6/20/2016)
      Typed reminiscence concerning his early years in Berwick and the business people and buildings of Berwick.
    • Ole A. Olson Papers, 1950s-1968, 1980 

      Olson, Ole A.; Olson, Ole A. (2008-10-08)
      Ole A. Olson was a North Dakota poet and writer. The collection consists of biographical material, the original typescript copy (238 p.) of his autobiography, poems by himself and others, and his manuscript, "One Day on ...
    • Ole A. Wisness Papers, 1883-1926 

      Wisness, Ole A.; Wisness, Ole A. (6/23/2010)
    • Ole H. Olson Papers, 1887-1952 

      Olson, Ole H.; Olson, Ole H. (2008-10-08)
      Olson was a New Rockford settler and North Dakota governor. The collection contains threshing account books, travel expense, stallion service books, and homestead deeds. The collection also contains material relating to ...
    • Ole J. Grimstvedt Collections of Papers 

      Grimstvedt, Ole J.; Grimstvedt, Ole J. (2015-06-09)
      Includes photocopy of Grimstvedt Pioneer Story (11 leaves), compiled by Alma Grimstvedt Aronson in 1937 and Alfred O. Grimstvedt. It documents the life of Ole and Marie Grimstvedt, beginning in Norway and coming to America, ...
    • Ole Jordet Papers, 1954-1955 

      Jordet, Ole; Jordet, Ole (10/16/2012)
      Typed summary and corrected carbon copy of interview (4 leaves) with Jordet and daughter Caroline Jordet Hatlen concerning his life in North Dakota. Includes obituary of son Albert Jordet.
    • Ole O. Melhus Family History 

      Ellingrud, Christine Melhus; Ellingrud, Christine Melhus (2015-10-19)
      Ole O. Melhus emigrated fron Sogn, Norway to Kenyon, Minn. Wed Christine Hjellum, also of Sogn, Norway in 1884. They settled in Traill County, N.D.
    • Ole Olson Hovde Family Papers 

      Hewitt, Eva; Hewitt, Eva (2015-10-15)
      Typed carbon copy of historical sketch by granddaughter Eva Hewitt. Sketch begins with Mr. Hovde's life in Norway, coming to America in 1868 and homesteading near Hillsboro, N.D. in 1871 with wife Maria Gulbranson Hovde. ...
    • Ole Peter Wiig Papers, 1950, 1954-1957 

      Wiig, Ole Peter; Wiig, Ole Peter (11/1/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (6 leaves) with Ole Peter and Martha Wiig concerning his life at Lake Park and Perley, Minn. Includes mention of his first jobs in Lake Park, Minn. as a laborer and a farm worker, working on the ...
    • Oliver Almlie Interview 

      Almlie, Oliver; Almlie, Oliver (2015-10-19)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, Engebredt Almlie, and himself, both of whom worked on the Helendale farm of J.B. Power.