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    • P. Hewison Pollock Collection 

      Pollock, Philip Hewison; Pollock, Philip Hewison (2015-12-08)
      His 1918 Interstate Oratorical Contest speech entitled "The world citizen," and a newspaper clipping.
    • Page Family Papers, 1928, 1952-1957 

      Page, Elisha Bartlett; Page, Eben T.; Page, John T.; Page, Joseph L.; Page, Margaret; Page, Elisha Bartlett; Page, Eben T.; Page, John T.; Page, Joseph L.; Page, Margaret (2014-02-24)
      Page, Joseph L., b. 1875. Homesteading in North Dakota in 1900. Page, Joseph L., b. 1875. History of four Page brothers and their sister Margaret A. Page who emigrated from their parental home near Girard, Illinois to ...
    • Pamphlets on oil in North Dakota Records 

      Leonard, Arthur; United States Geological Survey; Leonard, Arthur; United States Geological Survey
      This small collection contains two items. The first is a small pamphlet written by A. G. Leonard about the possibilities of oil and gas in North Dakota. The second item is a map by the U.S. Geological survey showing rock ...
    • Paper on Growing a sweeter future: value-added farm production in the Red River Valley of the North 

      Brunsdale, John; Brunsdale, John (5/28/2015)
      Copy of speech given by John Brunsdale at the 2nd annual Conference on Value-Added Opportunities for Agricultural Producers, held at Stillwater, Oklahoma on April 25, 1998, along with a photocopy of the program. The speech ...
    • Paper on John Miller Baer's cartoons: simple and successful 

      Pfeffer, Jonah; Pfeffer, Jonah (2015-05-27)
      Senior research paper on Nonpartisan League cartoonist John Miller Baer.
    • Paper on The Equal Rights Amendment and the ratification efforts in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota 

      Pitzer, Angela L; Pitzer, Angela L (2015-05-27)
      Paper written by Angela L. Pitzer titled “The Equal Rights Amendment and the Ratification Efforts in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.” Written for Dr. Joy K. Lintelman and History 410 for the 1995 fall semester.
    • Pastor’s complete handbook and register Records 

      Purinton, Oscar D.; Purinton, Oscar D. (7/1/2016)
      Ministerial book containing marriages performed (1883-1917) and funerals (1883-1913), miscellaneous handwritten notes relating to scriptures used for sermons, and payments to the pastor made in cash or goods (1883-1885?).
    • Patrick Donan speech, 1882. 

      Donan, Patrick; Donan, Patrick (2013-05-10)
      Typed copy of his 1882 July 4th speech in Fargo which was reprinted throughout Europe to advertise Dakota.
    • Pauline Neher Diede Papers, 1970-1995 

      Diede, Pauline Neher; Diede, Pauline Neher (2008-12-18)
      The Pauline Neher Diede papers include documents relating to Diede's writing career. Primary among these are clippings of her columns and articles in The Hebron Herald dealing primarily with North Dakota pioneer life and ...
    • Peder A. Borderud Collection 

      Borderud, Peder; Borderud, Peder (2016-07-18)
      Translation of articles by Peder Nelson including one on his pioneer log cabin home which is now located at the Hedmark Museum in Hamar, Norway; short history, copies of newspaper clippings, and the Peder A. Borderud Family ...
    • Peder C. Pederson Family Papers, 1893-1918 

      Pederson, Peder C.; Pederson, Peder C. (10/16/2012)
      State of Minnesota certificates (1893, 1902) certifying Pederson as a trained steam engine operator, and newspaper clippings which includes an article on the Hemnaes Lutheran Congregation of Christine, N.D. and on Anna ...
    • Peder H. Nelson Articles, 1972-1981 

      Nelson, Peder H.; Nelson, Peder H. (7/25/2016)
      Several historical articles, in Norwegian, about Norwegian Americans in N.D. and clippings in English about Nelson, his work, and awards he has earned.
    • Pembina River Basin 

      Pembina River Basin; Pembina River Basin (4/6/2015)
      Correspondence and copies of newspaper clippings and references, relating to the flooding problem and means of control of the Pembina River on the border of North Dakota and Manitoba in late 1960s and early 1970s.
    • Perry Burton Diary, 1885 

      Burton, Perry; Burton, Perry (9/20/2012)
      This pocket diary documents the period Mr. Burton possibly was working on the Pete Smith farm near Larimore, N.D. and Arvilla, N.D. The diary for the entire year is quite complete, detailing his daily activities. For part ...
    • Peter A. Lundwall family collection, 1932-1952. 

      Lundwell, Peter A.; Lundwell, Peter A. (4/5/2013)
      Family history material, interview with Earl and Beatrice Lundwall Elwell, mention of the Chaffee family, especially of H.F. Chaffee, his wife, Carrie Toogood Chaffee, various jobs Earl held at Amenia and Sharon Land ...
    • Peter Brooks Interview 

      Brooks, Peter; Sackett, Leonard; Brooks, Peter; Sackett, Leonard (2015-07-29)
      Typed summary of an interview (7 leaves) and corrections (7 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning his father James Brooks who homesteaded in Traill County, and worked on the Grandin farm; and his obituary.
    • Peter J. Smith Collection 

      Smith, Peter J.; Smith, Peter J. (2015-12-08)
      Letters, typed copy of his family reminiscence entitled "Dakota days of years ago," (38 leaves) and a newspaper clipping. Reminiscence includes mention of his family homestead in Cavalier County, a blizzard, pioneer days ...
    • Peter J. Walburg Interview, 1955 

      Walburg, Peter J.; Walburg, Peter J. (11/20/2012)
      Letter, typed summary of interview (15 leaves) concerning J.B. Power, Helendale Farm, Amenia and Sharon Land Company, and his father Peter Walburg, a Swiss immigrant. Includes mention of their homestead near the Maple ...
    • Peter J. Zink Biography, 1960 

      Miller, Ralph L.; Miller, Ralph L. (11/8/2012)
      Original handwritten biographical sketch (24 leaves) of Peter Zink's life in Foster County, N.D. Includes mention of his brothers, Oscar and Wendlin, his children, his efforts to obtain a small loan, starting the Bank of ...
    • Peter Schickele Collection, 1960-1979 

      Schickele, Peter; Schickele, Peter (2013-06-04)
      Newspaper clippings dealing with his career and P.D.Q. Bach. Includes an explanation of the fictional composer, P.D.Q. Bach, reviews of his 1979 concert at Concordia College Memorial Auditorium, Moorhead, Minn., a concert ...