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    • John B. Folsom papers, 1885-1910 

      Folsom, John B.; Folsom, John B. (12/4/2012)
      Correspondence, telegrams relating to Folsom's real estate business, and his stallion record books (1909).
    • John Beattie Papers, 1893-1952 

      Beattie, John; Beattie, John (11/8/2012)
      Two ledgers containing wage accounts of farm employees and records of personal property sale, financial records, land deeds, and Beattie's obituary.
    • John Burke Collection 

      Burke, John; Burke, John (11/12/2015)
      Copy of letter to Elizabeth Preston Anderson concerning his views on initiative and referendum, Thanksgiving 1912 proclamation, reminiscence (2 leaves) by Bardi G. Skulason entitled "Republican revolt against boss rule in ...
    • John Burnham Papers, 1818-1911 

      Burnham, John; Burnham, John (2008-10-06)
      Topics covered include army life (1863-1867), service with Henry Hasting Sibley in North Dakota, the 121st United States Colored Troops, army experiences in the Southwest after the war.
    • John C. Polfuss Interview, 1954 

      Polfuss, John C.; Polfuss, John C. (3/22/2013)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett mentioning the Keystone and Adams farms, his father's first reaper, breaking his leg, Keystone Farm superintendents Jones, Yunker, and Merrifield.
    • John Christiansen Papers, 1921-1952 

      Christiansen, John; Christiansen, John (10/9/2012)
      Correspondence; taped interview with Christiansen concerning his settling near New Salem, N.D. (1883), and the pioneer years, with transcription (11 p.) of first side of tape; biographical sketch; pamphlet entitled Wrong ...
    • John D. Paulson Papers, 1932, 1958, 1981-1985, 1998 

      Paulson, John D.; Paulson, John D. (2008-10-08)
      Retired editor of the Fargo Forum who wrote numerous essays on North Dakota's political figures in preparation for the state centennial.
    • John F. Douglas family Collection 

      Douglas, John Francis; Douglas, John Francis (2015-11-25)
      Letters, and a typed reminiscence entitled "A biographical sketch of John Francis Douglas and Neva B. Douglas" (40 leaves) by Neva B. Douglas on her husband's life in North Dakota, his student days at the University of ...
    • John F. Fay Papers, 1903-1986 

      Fay, John F.; Fay, John F. (2008-10-07)
      John Fay, a farmer near York, North Dakota, preserved his farm financial records providing detailed accounting of the family and business income and expenses from approximately 1923 to 1960. There are also records of a ...
    • John G. Halland Papers, 1897-1919 

      Halland, John G.; Halland, John G. (2008-10-07)
      Halland, a Norwegian immigrant, was the North Dakota Superintendent of Instruction from 1896 to 1900 and a North Dakota State University history professor from 1902 to 1910.
    • John G. Plath Papers 

      Plath, John G.; Sackett, Leonard; Cavanaugh, Gladys; Plath, John G.; Sackett, Leonard; Cavanaugh, Gladys (2015-06-09)
      Typed summary of detailed interview (7 leaves) with John G. Plath and his daughter Gladys (Plath) Cavanaugh concerning his father John H. Plath, homesteading at Davenport, N.D. Mentions farm equipment, especially steam ...
    • John H. Pannebaker collection, 1954-1957. 

      Pannebaker, John H.; Pannebaker, John H. (2013-05-10)
      Typed summary of interview (1 leaf) with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, Richard Pannebaker, who moved from Indiana in 1881 to Oriska, N.D., then to Mapleton, N.D., his job as foreman for Mapleton Farming Co., ...
    • John Headland Records, 1962 

      Headland, John; Headland, John (2016-09-26)
      Contains log kept by John during their voyage from Norway. It was translated by his granddaughter Mrs. Mildred Headland Kisser of Sherman Oaks, California.
    • John Horace Reed Collection 

      Reed, John Horace; Sackett, Leonard; Reed, John Horace; Sackett, Leonard (2015-12-08)
      Typed copies of two poems, "A Yankee farmer in the new west" and "A legend of Hitchcock's corner," from his Three score and ten and extracts from his diary covering March 1885 to August 9, 1925 concerning activities in his ...
    • John J. Hannaher Interview 

      Hannaher, John J.; Hannaher, John J. (6/20/2016)
      Typed transcription of interview with Steve Hubbard concerning the 1893 Fargo fire, the buildings in the fire area, life in Fargo circa 1900, and Hannaher's work in the printing business.
    • John J. Hannaher Reminiscences 

      Hannaher, John J.; Hannaher, John J. (2015-06-09)
      Contains photocopies of two reminiscences by John J. Hannaher about the Hannaher family and their move from Iowa to Fargo, early death of father, John, in 1887 and life of family in Fargo, and marriage of John J. in 1902 ...
    • John J. Shely Family Papers, 1872-1956 

      Shely, John J.; Shely, John J. (2008-10-08)
      John Shely was a pioneer settler at Shelly, Minnesota.
    • John L. Walcher collection of papers, 1954, 1968. 

      Walcher, John L.; Walcher, John L. (2013-05-13)
      Typed summary of interview (11 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Adams Farm (also known as Fairview Farm) and Elk Valley Farm. Includes mention of his father, John Walcher, a German immigrant, who hauled freight ...
    • John McCallum Interview 

      McCallum, John; McCallum, John (7/1/2016)
      Typed summary of interview (6 leaves) with additions concerning the Hill Farm. Interview mentions George and John Lohr, James J. Hill, George Lohr's death in a 1913 auto accident, describes Hill's farm, comprised of Humboldt ...
    • John McDougal Papers, 1923, 1955 

      McDougall, John; McDougall, John (10/1/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (7 leaves) with John and Dora (Lathrop) McDougall concerning their fathers, John McDougall and Murrilow Dow Lathrop, and their work on the Antelope Farm, Dora's job as clerk, bookkeeper, and ...