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    • Julius Smith Interview 

      Smith, Julius; Sackett, Leonard; Smith, Julius; Sackett, Leonard (2015-08-03)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett with mention of the Downing Farm, Frederick A. Bagg, Gerard Downing, and the Dwight Farm. Includes mention of his purchase of Downing quarter section of land at Mooreton, N.D.
    • Kate Selby Wilder Papers, 1861, 1906, 1940-1946 

      Wilder, Kate Selby; Wilder, Kate Selby (2011-01-25)
      Kate Selby Wilder was active in civic affairs in Fargo as well as state and nationally. In 1919 she was elected to the Fargo City Commission, being the first woman in North Dakota to hold such a position. The Kate Selby ...
    • Katherina Deringer Mack Papers, 1891, 1914 

      Mack, Katherina Deringer; Mack, Katherina Deringer (9/26/2012)
      Baptismal extract (1891) from Severinovsk Roman Catholic parish, the village of Kleinliebenthal for Catherine Deringer, the daughter of Lavrentig and Elisabeta (Bichler) Deringer. An English translation is included. The ...
    • Katherine (Sorlie) McLeod Papers, 1908-1926 

      McLeod, Katherine (Sorlie); McLeod, Katherine (Sorlie) (2008-10-08)
      North Dakota educator, Katherine Sorlie McLeod's papers consist, for the most part, of letters written to Mrs. McLeod, including from William George Fanning while stationed in Texas during World War I. The papers also ...
    • Katherine Hughes Gumb Collection, ca. 1928-1941 

      Gumb, Katherine Hughes; Gumb, Katherine Hughes (2008-10-07)
      Iowa native who came to Fargo in 1887 and later became interested in the history of Steele County, N.D.
    • Kelso Township Board Records, 1886-1894 

      Kelso (N.D. : Township). Township Board; Kelso (N.D. : Township). Township Board (9/19/2012)
      Proceedings of the board and road orders of town supervisors concerning the construction and maintenance of township roads, in Traill County, N.D.
    • Kenneth Murray Interview 

      Murray, Kenneth; Murray, Kenneth (2016-07-01)
      Typed summary of interview, with annotations, with Leonard Sackett concerning Northcote Farm, a division of James Hill's bonanza farm, his father, Donald Murray, who emigrated from Scotland to Canada, and brought the family ...
    • Kindred Dam Collection 

      Unknown author (9/30/2015)
      Collection of pamphlets, flyers, clippings and publications related to the proposed Kindred Dam in Richland County, N.D. on the Sheyenne River. Among the publications are the The Destruction of North Dakota, and Comments ...
    • King Olav of Norway Collection 

      Olav V, King of Norway; Olav V, King of Norway (11/17/2015)
      Programs from the 1939 visit of Crown Prince Ola v and Crown Princess Martha of Norway to Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn. Programs and a schedule for the 1982 visit of King Olav.
    • Kinyon (N.D.) Township Justice of the Peace Dockets 

      Kinyon (N.D.) Township Justice of the Peace Dockets; Kinyon (N.D.) Township Justice of the Peace Dockets (2010-09-28)
      The Kinyon Township Justice of the Peace Records consists of two volumes, civil and criminal, of the cases heard by the township justice, consisting of pre-printed pages containing the charge, legal action, fee, and judgment ...
    • Kiwanis Club of Fargo Records 

      Kiwanis Club of Fargo; Kiwanis Club of Fargo (2015-11-30)
      Annual report (1962), membership rosters (1924, 1962, 1965, 1967), copy of John C. Pollock's satire entitled Bring Your Own Lunch, programs of its Scholastic Achievement Award Luncheon, pamphlets, and clippings.
    • Klaudt Indian Family Collection 

      Klaudt Indian Family; Klaudt Indian Family (2016-07-11)
      Booklet, "Klaudt Family specials, no. 4," contains biographical, pictorial, and other historical information on Rev. Klaudt, his wife, and children, Ray, Vernon, Melvin, Ken, and Ramona. Includes biographical information ...
    • Know Your North Dakota Records, 1958-1971 

      Know Your North Dakota; Know Your North Dakota (2008-10-08)
      Collection of articles written by a variety of authors featuring North Dakota historical events, people and subjects and intended for publication in state weekly newspapers.
    • Knute J. Lind Interview 

      Lind, Knute J.; Lind, Knute J. (7/7/2016)
      Typed carbon copy of interview summary with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, John A. Lind, Bengt E. Sundberg who emigrated with John A. Lind from Sweden, Captain Donaldson, and Frank Kiene, all of whom were big farmers ...
    • Komus Klub records, 1926-2002 

      Komus Klub (Fargo, N.D.); Komus Klub (Fargo, N.D.) (2009-11-03)
      The Komus Klub was organized in 1926 at Fargo, N.D. but also included neighboring towns such as Moorhead, Minn. and others in the surrounding area. The Komus Klub held social and dinner dances as well as formal dances many ...
    • Korean War Psychological Warfare Propaganda Leaflet Collection, 1951-1956 

      Brauer, Albert G.; Korean War Psychological Warfare Propaganda Leaflet Collection; Brauer, Albert G.; Korean War Psychological Warfare Propaganda Leaflet Collection (2008-10-06)
      Korean War Psychological Warfare Propaganda Leaflet Collection developed by Brauer who served in the U.S. Army and was in charge of the unit developing these leaflets.
    • Kraft-Wald Family History Papers 

      Kraft, Stephen; Kraft, Stephen (4/6/2015)
      Documents primarily the author's grandparents Peter and Katerina (Wald) Kraft who emigrated from Russia in 1889 and settled at Strasburg, N.D.
    • Ku Klux Klan in North Dakota Collection 

      Unknown author (2015-11-06)
      Photocopies of newspaper clippings from the Fargo forum regarding rallies held in Fargo, Grand Forks, and Larimore, N.D.; Rev. F. Halsey Ambrose, Grand Forks, N.D. Presbyterian minister; and a disputed Grand Forks school ...
    • Kurke and Associates Records, 1915-1963 

      Kurke and Associates; Kurke and Associates (2008-10-08)
      Fargo architects, William F. Kurke and his son John M. Kurke were one of the most influential architectural firms in Fargo and perhaps North Dakota. Click here to visit the Kurke & Associates Photographic Exhibit.
    • L.R. Waldron papers, 1991 

      Waldron, Lawrence Root; smith, Glenn Sanborn; Waldron, Lawrence Root; smith, Glenn Sanborn (7/27/2016)
      Typed excerpts and notes taken from the L.R. Waldron's diaries and annual reports documenting research at North Dakota Agricultural College and his personal life. The computer indexes are divided into seven areas: Crops, ...