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    • Lewis William Duerner Biography 

      Duerner, Lewis William; Duerner, Lewis William (2015-05-27)
      Typed photocopy of autobiographical reminiscence by the author regarding his life especially when growing up in Fargo. His parents, Henry C. Duerner and Lydia Wansbrough, both died when he was young. Details the hardships ...
    • Lions Conservancy Park Records, 1999-2005 

      Benson, Michael; Lions Conservancy Park Records; Benson, Michael; Lions Conservancy Park Records (2009-10-01)
      Michael Benson's papers document his work in creating and maintaining the 16-acre Lions Conservancy Park in south Fargo, North Dakota, at the confluence of the Red River and Rose Creek.
    • List of units stationed at Fort Abercrombie Records, 1859-1877 

      Fricker, Alan; Fricker, Alan (2016-10-26)
      List of units stationed at Fort Abercrombie from August 1858 to September 1877 that includes the month, unit, companies, fort commander, and notes.
    • Lobben Family Papers, 1923-1962 

      Lobben Sisters; Lobben Sisters (2008-10-08)
      The Lobben sisters were three Fargo residents who all taught in the Fargo school systems. Clara Lobben was the first principal at Ben Franklin School.
    • Lockhart Farm (Minn.) financial statements, 1924, 1933. 

      Lockhart Farm (Minn.); Lockhart Farm (Minn.) (2013-05-13)
      Financial statements for the crop years of 1923-1924 and 1932-1933 with headings "Crop Year 1923-1924 Lockhart Dwelling" (3 leaves) and "Recapitulation Lockhart Farms as at 12-1-32 Sec. 3, 10, 15, 17, 19 and 21" (12 leaves).
    • Lois Vogel Papers, 1964-1972 

      Vogel, Lois; Vogel, Lois (2008-10-08)
      Stenographer who became interested in the North Dakota Constitution and later attended the Constitution Convention held in 1972 as a delegate.
    • Lorne Wilde articles, 1921 

      Wilde, Lorne; Wilde, Lorne (2012-09-18)
      Original typescript of an article titled "New Salem finds the answer" (11 leaves) which concerns the development of a dairy cow, specially bred for the Great Plains and an article from the Fargo Forum, "Farmers made famous ...
    • Loss of the Andrews Estate Records 

      Watkins, Felix Leland; Watkins, Felix Leland (2015-11-17)
      Electrostatic copy of original typed manuscript of his unpublished novel concerning the effects of alcoholism on a family. The story takes place in England. Some pages are missing pieces, and some pages are partially illegible.
    • Louis B. Hanna Collection 

      Hanna, Louis B.; Hanna, Louis B. (2016-01-13)
      Brief interview with Leslie R. Putnam about L.B. Hanna's purchase of the Carrington and Casey Land Company in Foster County (N.D.), the 1914 Thanksgiving Day proclamation, and newspaper clippings, including his obituary.
    • Louis E. Ness Civilian Conservation Corps Papers, 1935-1938 

      Ness, Louis E.; Ness, Louis E. (3/27/2015)
      File contains Louis Ness’s obituary from the Fargo Forum, as well as photocopies of enrollment letter and Certificates of Discharge from the Civilian Conservation Corps. The forms contain Mr. Ness’s physical description, ...
    • Louis L’Amour Letter, 1939 

      L'Amour, Louis; L'Amour, Louis (7/22/2016)
      Responding to a request of Mr. Frank of the Fargo Forum newspaper for biographical material, Mr. L'Amour recounts primarily his writing and publications to date, adventure traveling around the world, and writing interests.
    • Louis W. Bohn Papers 

      Bohn, Louis W.; Bohn, Louis W. (2015-12-08)
      Letter to Minnie Nielsen, State Superintendent of Schools with typed copy of his poem, The Optimist dealing with the battle between the farmer and the weather.
    • Lower Maple River Lutheran Church Meeting Minutes, 1881-1933 

      Lower Maple River Lutheran Church (Harwood, N.D.); Lower Maple River Lutheran Church (Harwood, N.D.) (9/20/2012)
      Organized 1877; originally called Nedre Maple River lutherske menighet. The church was located in Harwood, North Dakota.
    • Lucien A. Barnes Family Papers, 1852-1955 

      Barnes, Lucien A.; Barnes, Lucien A. (2008-10-06)
      The collection documents a farm family that settled in Cass County near Fargo and consists of a wide variety of family documents.
    • Ludwig Welk Homestead File, 1894-1903 

      Welk, Ludwig; Welk, Ludwig (9/26/2012)
      Copy of Ludwig Welk's homestead papers on file at the National Archives & Records Administration. Includes his application, receipts, declaration of intention to become a U.S. citizen, affidavits, citizenship certificate, ...
    • Luman H. Tenney family collection, 1860-1914. 

      Tenney, Luman Harris; Tenney, Luman Harris (2013-06-21)
      Typescript copy (154 p.) of Luman H. Tenney's diary and family letters, from 1860-1880. They touch on various subjects including religion, child rearing, Mormanism, the Chicago Fire of 1871, travel, business, Temperance, ...
    • Luther Wyckoff Family Records 

      Wyckoff, Jessie; Wyckoff, James; Wyckoff, Jessie; Wyckoff, James (2015-12-01)
      Notes from an interview done in 1938 with her father, James, concerning his father, Luther Wyckoff, and his family moving to Cass County, N.D. from Taylors Falls, Minn. Includes mention of horse-drawn wagon travel, mosquitoes, ...
    • Luzerne J. Bowen Papers, 1903-1916, 1957, 1960 

      Bowen, Luzerne J.; Bowen, Luzerne J. (2012-09-19)
      Book of stock certificates and stock ledger for the North Dakota Publishing Company of Fargo, promissory notes, and newspaper clippings.
    • Lyle E. Huseby Papers 

      Huseby, Lyle E.; Huseby, Lyle E. (12/29/2015)
      The majority of Lyle E Huseby Papers consists of speeches, written and given by Mr. Huseby. Included are some correspondence and paperwork from a community play.
    • Lynn J. Frazier Papers, 1887-1945 

      Frazier, Lynn J.; Frazier, Lynn J. (2008-10-07)
      North Dakota governor, 1916-1921 and United States senator, 1922-1940, with reputation of a progressive and later isolationist.