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    • Mary Ann Barnes Williams collection of papers, 1931-1971 

      Williams, Mary Ann Barnes; Williams, Mary Ann Barnes (11/26/2012)
      Correspondence and reminiscences, relating to General George Custer, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, forts Buford, Mandan, and Abraham Lincoln, Sakakawea, frontier life, and North Dakota history; and newspaper articles ...
    • Mary Ann Gamble Papers, 1865-1902 

      Gamble, Mary Ann; Gamble, Mary Ann (11/8/2012)
      Copies of correspondence from Gamble and her children to her parents, the William Neills, in Beaverton, Ont., concerning family matters and frontier life in Kittson County, Minn.
    • Mary Barrett Still Diary 1910-1914 

      Still, Mary Barrett; Still, Mary Barrett (2015-05-18)
      Mary Barrett Still’s diary consists of her diary, 1910-1914, while living at Sherbrooke in Steele County. It is typewritten, and includes a map. Entries are short, but give concise details such as the price of groceries, ...
    • Mary Bishop Papers, 1875-1888 

      Bishop, Mary; Bishop, Mary (12/5/2012)
      Mortgage and warranty deeds, chiefly of Mrs. Bishop.
    • Mary Darrow Weible Collection, 1894-1917, 1956 

      Weible, Mary D.; Weible, Mary D. (2008-10-08)
      One of the first women graduates from North Dakota Agricultural College who was involved in the Fargo Opera House. Her small collection of papers include several newspaper clippings on Mrs. Weible well as her mother's ...
    • Mary E. Mallick Letters, 1955-1956 

      Mallick, Mary E. Fitzgerald; Mallick, Mary E. Fitzgerald (7/25/2016)
      Correspondence concerning mainly the Lyman R. Casey family, with mention of his wife and daughter Theodora who sent letters from overseas to Mary F. Mallick, George Palmer, Carrington & Casey Land Company manager, Carrington ...
    • Mary E. Warner Interview 

      Warner, Mary E.; Warner, Mary E. (2015-12-02)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning her father, Stott English, who worked as foreman on the Cass, Bond, Greene, Twitchell, and Kennedy farms. He was a native of Pittsfield, Pa.
    • Mary Mudge Letter 

      Mudge, Mary; Mudge, Mary (2015-06-08)
      Photocopy of seven-page letter written to Mrs. Mary E.S. Mudge of Michigan City, Indiana by an unknown writer. Letter describes her travel by railroad through Minnesota to Fargo, description of Fargo and events there, and ...
    • Matthew Forney Steele Papers, 1899-1907, 1920-1952 

      Steele, Matthew Forney; Steele, Matthew Forney (2008-10-08)
      His admiration of the generals who led the South during the Civil War prompted him to pursue a military career.
    • Mattie M. Davis Collection 

      Davis, Mattie M. Champine; Davis, Mattie M. Champine (2015-11-24)
      Historical sketch, "Some pioneer work in education," read at the 1926 Cass County School Officers Association meeting, the program for that meeting (25th anniversary), and her obituary.
    • Maude F. Dunwell collection of papers, 1932-1954. 

      Dunwell, Maude Farley; Dunwell, Maude Farley (2/22/2013)
      Correspondence; scrapbook containing clippings and typewritten copy of Dunwell's Early History of Spiritwood and Vicinity; obituaries of her parents, William and Mary Agnes Farley; and series relating to Spiritwood Lake ...
    • Max Dahl Papers, 1927-1977 

      Dahl, C. Max; Dahl, Peter; Reed, Walter R.; Dahl, C. Max; Dahl, Peter; Reed, Walter R. (2015-12-29)
      The Max Dahl Papers chronicle the business pursuits of both C. Max Dahl and Walter Reed, particularly where the two intersect. Dahl worked for his Father-in-law, Reed, and much of the business correspondence they exchanged ...
    • Maxwell M. Upson Collection 

      Upson, Maxwell M.; Upson, Maxwell M. (2015-12-01)
      Some genealogical information on the Upson family and a letter, dated Nov. 19, 1962, which gives some brief background on E.M. Upson, a member of first North Dakota Agricultural College Board of Trustees. Also includes ...
    • Medication notebook records, 1910s 

      Unknown author (2016-10-24)
      Composition notebook with handwriting in it as well as pasted recipes for things such as gun cleaner as well as medicinal uses.
    • Melvin A. Hildreth Papers, 1882-1944 

      Hildreth, Melvin A.; Hildreth, Melvin A. (2008-10-07)
      Fargo lawyer and Congressional Medal of Honor winner during the Spanish-American War.
    • Memories of Charles E. Bristol Collection 

      Bristol, Charles E.; North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies.; Bristol, Charles E.; North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies. (2015-12-01)
      Apparently original handwritten reminiscence (17 leaves) by Mr. Bristol of his parents, F.A. and Ida M. (Sweet) Bristol, who moved to Fargo in 1881 from Chicago and began a harness shop which later became Bristol and Sweet. ...
    • Merton Field Papers, 1901-1959 

      Field, Merton; Field, Merton (2008-10-07)
      Merton Field was a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin physician and NDSU graduate. His papers consist of correspondence, writings, autobiography and newspaper clippings. The autobiography, "By Many Trails," is a typed transcription ...
    • Mess House and Dwelling House no. 2 – House Expense Records 

      Dwight Farm & Land Co.; Dwight Farm & Land Co. (4/7/2015)
      Journal documenting food expenses of the Dwight Farm & Land Co.'s mess house and "dwelling house" no. 2. It is in chronological order giving date, food item, quantity and price. Noted sometimes is the number of meals served. ...
    • Michel Family Tree, 1620-1986 

      Michel Family; Michel Family (9/19/2012)
      A family tree of the Michel family as compiled by Rosemary (Ternes) Mack. The family tree traces the family history from Hayna, Germany to Landau, Russia to Estevan, Canada, or in some cases to Germany or the United States.
    • Mid America Steel Inc. Records, 1905-1994 

      Mid America Steel Inc.; Mid America Steel Inc. (2014-08-08)
      The Mid American Steel Inc. Records include two financial ledgers from the beginning of the Fargo Foundry. The first financial ledger belonged to Thomas L. Sykes, from when he was on his own as a boilermaker. Also included ...