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    • Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection 

      Unknown author
      The Marie (Rudel) Portner Collection contains photographs, family genealogy, books, and some artifacts from Marie and her husband, Hal. The Collection has been organized into 8 Series: Biographical Material, Genealogy, Red ...
    • Curt Renz Collection 

      Renz, Curt; Renz, Curt (2016)
    • Karl Lacher Collection 

      Lacher, Karl; Lacher, Karl
      The Karl Lacher collection includes detailed research of German from Russia histories, including his own family history research.
    • Stein Family Genealogy Collection 

      Kuntz, Nicholas Jr; Kuntz, Nicholas Jr (2017-06-13)
      This collection contains correspondence in the German language from Alma-Alta, Kazakhstan, Russia dating from 1968 to 1970 with translations, family group sheets and history pages for the family of Joseph and Elizabeth ...
    • Ron Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Ron; Vossler, Ron (2012)
      The Ron Vossler collection contains formats of his research of the Germans from Russia heritage and focuses particularly on the Holodomor, the Ukrainian Famine. There are notes and drafts on his research and books, interviews, ...
    • Katie Glatt Wald 

      Wald, Katie; Wald, Katie (1996)
      The Katie Glatt Wald collection consists primarily of photographs of her family, specifically family weddings.
    • Clara Ebach Collection 

      Ebach, Mary; Ebach, Mary (2017)
      Collection of items belonging to Clara Ebach, with information on different German from Russia societies.
    • Homer Rudolf Collection 

      Pflugrath, Beverly; Pflugrath, Beverly (2017)
      The Rudolf Homer collection focuses on research and inventories of German from Russia history books, with newspapers, books, correspondence, and sheet music.
    • Mary Ann Miller 

      Miller, Mary Ann; Miller, Mary Ann (2014)
      Consists of the family history of the Miller family, from their immigration from Germany to Russia, the Soviet Regime, moving back to Germany, to their immigration in the U.S.
    • Flasher Collection 

      Anderson, Wes; Anderson, Wes (2014)
      A postcard showing a burning farmers elevator from Flasher, N.D.
    • St. Paul's Lutheran Church 125 Year Anniversary 

      Kilber, Marguerite; Kilber, Marguerite (2014)
      This collection describes the St. Paul Lutheran Church’s 125 year anniversary.
    • George Weigum 

      Weigum, George; Weigum, George (2014)
      Family collection pertaining to the histories of the Koehler, Weigum, Wiedrich, and Zeiszler family names.
    • Beulah White Collection 

      White, Beulah; White, Beulah (2014)
      This collection contains information pertaining to their family history, and poems.
    • Mary Ebach Collection 

      Ebach, Mary; Ebach, Mary (2015)
      Folders containing obituraries, and memory cards of the Ebach family.
    • Janet Haag Collection 

      Haag, Janet; Haag, Janet (2015)
      Collection of photographs of Jahann and Maria Haag, and a poem written by Roger Haag.
    • Mary Kay (Miller) Feist 

      Feist, Mary Kay; Feist, Mary Kay (2015)
      Documents and photographs pertaining to the Feist/Baumgartner/Miller Family.
    • George Jundt 

      Jundt, George; Jundt, George (2015)
      George Jundt’s family history with a newspaper article documenting the life of Johanna Wirtz immigration from South Russia, to Argentina, then to the United States.
    • Norbert and Leona Amann 

      Amann, Norbert and Leona; Amann, Norbert and Leona (2005)
      Contents are photographs of Philip Amann of Karlsruhe Colony, Beresan district, including a wedding portrait with his wife Julia Thomas of the Kutschurgan district.
    • Louise Wiens (Regehr) Collection 

      Wiens, Louise; Wiens, Louise (2014)
      The Louise Wiens (Regehr) collection contains ID Cards, birth certificates, death certificates, family history, letters, newspaper article, marriage certificate, employment document, compensation document and an admission ...
    • Baumgartner/Berglund Collection 

      Miller, Michael; Miller, Michael (2004)
      Collection contains family heritage of the Baumgartner-Berglund family, photographs and multimedia materials.