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    • Lenora "Ida" Ackerman-Quatier Collection 

      Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida"; Ackerman-Quatier, Lenora "Ida" (1890)
      The scanned photographs are from four albums regarding the Ackerman and Sayler families in Logan and McIntosh Counties, North Dakota, and the Kogler & Quatier families in McIntosh County.
    • Dakota Memories Oral History Project 

      GRHC; GRHC (2017-02-08)
      This collection contains 199 interviews of second and third generation Germans from Russia living throughout the Northern Plains of the US and Canada with additional information about the narrators.
    • Bud and Dona Weis Collection 

      Weis, Bud; Weis, Dona; Weis, Bud; Weis, Dona (2016-08-02)
      This collection contains family charts for the Weis, Gehring, Oster, Hermann, Pfaff, and Neher families, photocopies of newspaper articles on Ruff, Washington and the German-Russian heritage, and two CDs with digital files ...
    • Francesca (Stroh) Kuhn Collection 

      Rudy, Alene; Rudy, Alene (2016-07-05)
      This collection contains a skirt and two shawls worn by Francesca (Stroh) Kuhn. Also included is correspondence mentioning her husband, Daniel Kuhn, found in the GRHS Letter Archives.
    • Sister Reinhardt Hecker Collection 

      Hecker, David; Hecker, David (2016-06-15)
      This collection contains correspondence between Sister Reinhardt Hecker and David Hecker from 1988-1990. It also contains Sister Reinhardt’s and Elizabeth Frankenhauser’s obituaries.
    • Samuel & Mary (Altergott) Hansch Collection 

      Stout, Janet; Stout, Philip; Stout, Janet; Stout, Philip (2016-06-13)
      This collection contains a quilt brought from Russia in 1913 and a copy of the Samuel and Mary Hansch Family Tree book.
    • Erna (Gehring) Brost Collection 

      Brost, Gerhard; Brost, Gerhard (2016-06-08)
      Black, machine made trauerschal [mourning scarf] worn by Erna (Gehring) Brost before 1940.
    • Leo Zander Collection 

      Barnett, Lisa; Barnett, Lisa (2016-05-25)
      The collection contains a baptismal gown worn by Leo Joseph Zander, his baptismal certificate, three family photographs, and a document on the descendants of Dominick Zander.
    • Verna (Fischer) Green Collection 

      Green, Verna (Fischer); Green, Verna (Fischer) (2016-05-18)
      This collection contains a variety of material. There are many images and negatives, family histories, information on Hague, ND establishments, family government documents, and two posters. This collection includes a wide ...
    • Johannes and Christiana (Ehni) Schock Letter & Photograph Collection 

      Schock, Reinhold; Schock-Whitaker, Emma; Schock, Reinhold; Schock-Whitaker, Emma (2015-10-08)
      A collection of letters and photographs sent to Johannes and Christiana (Ehni) Schock from relatives in Germany, Bessarabia, and Poland, sent between 1936 and 1996 with the bulk sent from 1947 to 1951. Also present are ...
    • Judy Martin Collection 

      Martin, Judy; Martin, Judy (2014-06-24)
      Two textiles: a lady’s fur cape, circa 1940s, and a traditional men’s hat, circa 1880-1910.
    • Mennonite Heritage Centre Collection 

      Mennonite Heritage Centre; Mennonite Heritage Centre (2014-06-18)
      Two German Mennonite hymnals dating from 1871 to 1885.
    • Delores (Ketterling) Hanson Collection 

      Hanson, Delores (Ketterling); Hanson, Delores (Ketterling) (2014-06-18)
      Copies of a photograph and family history information; a shawl; and four German books, circa 1899-1917, that belonged to Phillip Berreth, Caroline Munsch, Christian Munsch, and Edward Ketterling.
    • Jolenta (Fischer) Masterson Collection 

      Masterson, Jolenta (Fischer); Masterson, Jolenta (Fischer) (2014-03-11)
      Collection is currently being processed.
    • Leona (Bauer) Schnabel Collection 

      Chamberlain, Gordon; Chamberlain, Stella (Schnabel); Chamberlain, Gordon; Chamberlain, Stella (Schnabel) (2014-01-22)
      Six German language religious books and songbooks, circa 1893-1950, that belonged to Leona (Bauer) Schnabel; and two bookmarks: one women yellow bookmark with a crocheted cross and one plastic bookmark with an illustration ...
    • Duane V. Retzloff Collection 

      Retzloff, Duane V.; Retzloff, Duane V. (2014-01-15)
      Ceramic roof tile from Freudental, Liebental Region, Ukraine.
    • Lackmann Family Collection 

      Lackmann, Roland; Lackmann, Roland (2014-01-10)
      Seven German language books, circa 1883-1936, that belonged to the George and Mary K. Lackmann family.
    • Bryan Vossler Collection 

      Vossler, Bryan; Vossler, Bryan (2013-11-26)
      Two issues of "Die Hausfrau" from 1929 and 1931 that belonged to Martha Abeling of Drake, North Dakota.
    • Ida (Goll) Hamilton Collection 

      Hamilton, Ida (Goll); Hamilton, Ida (Goll) (2013-11-25)
      One book, circa 1854, in the German language that was owned by Rudolph Goll of Tuttle, North Dakota, who brought the book from Russia to the U.S.
    • Mary (Fitterer) Smith Collection 

      Smith, Mary (Fitterer); Smith, Mary (Fitterer) (2013-10-25)
      Scanned copies of a portrait of Martin and Regina (Fix) Friedt; scanned images of a scrapbook relating to the Friedt and Fitterer families; and copies of family history information relating to the Friedt and Fitterer ...