Mission and Vision for the Library

The NDSU Libraries staff have come together to better articulate clear and compelling statements of purpose. Over the last six months, staff members collectively drafted and critiqued official messages that accurately convey who we are, what we value, and where we’re going. The acronym "SPACE" was created to illustrate how we plan on getting there.



Mission: NDSU Libraries energize and advance research, teaching, and learning in an evolving information environment.

Vision: NDSU Libraries: Growing a vibrant learning and research ecosystem by connecting to the local and global communities.

Tagline: Cultivating inquiry and curiosity 

Students are the focus of our services, spaces, and resources.

  • Secure innovative and collaborative space for students to conduct research and study to enable them to excel in their programs and become lifelong learners.
  • Donations or an endowment will provide more students with meaningful employment in a supportive, academic environment and help offset the cost of education while developing valuable workplace experience and promoting retention.

Partnerships cultivate relationships with individuals, departments, organizations, and businesses to advocate for and invest in mutual interests.

  • We need specialized space for collaborative services with our partners to expand learning opportunities for students.
  • Donor support will provide funding for space and technological enhancements.
  • Partnerships expand our audience, outreach, and campus and community involvement through invested relationships.

Academic success is supported through instruction, consultations, and tech-rich spaces.

  • Enhancements and expansions will provide active learning spaces for instruction, studying, and research.
  • Funding support will offer sustainability for our 3D printing services; computers in group study rooms; and a new help desk.
  • Creating an endowed position for a two-year visiting instruction librarian.
  • Improved access to our physical and digital resources will enhance support for researchers.

Collections are vital to supporting the teaching, learning, and research needs of NDSU and the greater community.

  • We need continuous funding for digital and physical collections.
  • We seek financial backing for a new library facility that combines academic and special collections.
  • Improved space efficiency with compact shelving or an automated book retrieval system, and high-tech scanning equipment to digitize collections.
  • Funding for staff to digitize, process, and manage collections.

Engagement with the community created through innovative programming, sponsoring events, and showcasing our collections and services.

  • A new auditorium space is essential for library instruction, lecture series, and other programming.
  • A new gallery space could exhibit student research and collections belonging to The Libraries, NDSU departments, and partners.
  • Financial support will allow:
    • Opportunities to present at professional conferences and meetings.
    • Unique programming.
    • Extending library services to NDSU Extension offices and the greater community.
    • Mobile technologies to enhance outreach experiences and promote active learning.

Download the full Libraries Case Statement

"Great universities require excellent library resources. I believe a quality library is a crucial element in providing a foundation for lifelong learning and in supporting the skills needed to thrive in a global world."
            — Mary Lou Shott, NDSU Alum