NDSU Libraries Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

North Dakota State University Libraries actively reject racism, hate, and other acts of oppression in all of their forms. We recognize that libraries and universities have historically been shaped by the forces of systemic racism, and commit to undertaking the work that must be done to rectify these legacies of inequity that still affect marginalized communities. In conjunction with our land-grant mission, we serve geographically and culturally diverse populations; we commit to making library spaces and services accessible and inclusive to all, and invite accountability where and when we fall short of these goals.

We recognize the power imbalances that lead to inequitable access to information and marginalized voices. We acknowledge the lived experiences of all members of our communities. We defend intellectual freedom, oppose censorship, and uphold NDSU’s commitment to the free and open exchange of ideas, viewpoints and information. These are part of our campus mission and are the very foundations of our democracy.

Action Statements

  • Survey the NDSU community to identify how to make the Libraries’ spaces and services accessible and inclusive for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Seek out partnerships and collaborations to bring in art, decor, and exhibits that reflect the vibrant diversity of the campus community.
  • Form an ad hoc committee to review NDSU Libraries’ website, social media and marketing materials for inclusive  language
  • Analyze NDSU Libraries policies and culture and the wider profession to challenge institutionalized systemic racism. 
  • Provide all-staff seminars featuring campus experts on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion once a semester.
  • Host and maintain a web page of anti-racism resources for teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities related to cultural competency, anti-racism, and issues of equity and justice.
  • Initiate an annual review of our progress by a committee composed of NDSU stakeholders.