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    • Facility for Industrial Technology and Power Generation 

      Koedam, Andrew E. (North Dakota State University, 2005)
      The University of Minnesota is currently among the top four leaders in the nation for industrial and mechanical engineering research. Their demand for innovative testing and research facilities grows as new discoveries ...
    • Falling Vine Winery 

      Peterson, Corey Allan (North Dakota State University, 2005)
      For the past year or so, I have taken a class in vinification and worked in the beverage industry. I have discovered a great love for wine. I have immersed myself in the complicated process of vinification. For me art, ...
    • Fargo's Interactive Science Museum 

      Hayes, Justin (North Dakota State University, 2006)
      The project is an interactive Museum of Science in Fargo/Moorhead. This thesis will examine the question; what general level of scientific literacy is required for life today?
    • Feeding Change from the Ground Up 

      Franklund, Marcie (North Dakota State University, 2011)
      This project aims to answer the question, through the utilization of the appropriate learning environment, can children learn how to improve the nutritional health of themselves and their families? The solution will be ...
    • Finding a Future for the Past 

      Whitney, Jenn (North Dakota State University, 2010)
      This work addresses the uses of space within a building over time. Through the years, needs of spaces evolve and require changes. Often, buildings are left vacant once they no longer function for their desired needs. ...
    • Finding Common Ground 

      Kuntz, Zachary (North Dakota State University, 2021)
      Technology is an integral part of our daily lives; it affects how we communicate, interact and function in society. The use of technology has both positive and negative effects on society and our lives as individuals. With ...
    • Flight: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Air Travel while Incorporating Nature within Architecture 

      Brown, Justin (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      How can an airport be designed to be sustainable, highly efficient, economical and a destination for people to travel to? Often an airport is the first thing people see when traveling to a new place, and all too often the ...
    • Floating : National Oceanic Living Atelier 

      Klever, Nicholas (North Dakota State University, 2011)
      This thesis projects itself into the future to answer the questions of what will happen if the current climate changes continue and we are faced with the rising of the sea. The rising sea levels will reclaim a portion of ...
    • Flood Research Center 

      Wright, Richard (North Dakota State University, 2012)
      This project will outline research into the flood prevention methods in nature and in the man-made world to translate into a new innovative inland flood research center design in Moorhead, Minnesota. This project was in ...
    • For the Need 

      Walker, Amelia (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      Architecture is often thought of as a grand, expensive undertaking – one reserved only for the privileged and for those who can afford to build huge houses, breathtaking museums, and playthings for the rich. However, ...
    • Form Through Photo 

      Mueller, Peter (North Dakota State University, 2016)
      How can photography can influence architectural design? By looking at case studies, this thesis assesses how geometry, permeability and reactions can influence the architecture of a historic building in Minneapolis.
    • Fostering Community 

      Lardy, Reanna (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      Foster Care is an extremely prevalent thing in today’s society. On any given day, there are nearly 424,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2019, over 672,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. ...
    • Fostering Responsible Behavior 

      AlQattan, Ali (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      Educated children must comprehend what their duties towards the environment are and start fostering responsible behavior seriously. If children go to school with means to learn science, literature, etc. they might as well ...
    • Found in Translation: Language and the Built Reality 

      Groth, Kiara (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      Language acts as the primary way humans understand themselves and the world, and through the learning of languages, we are able to mediate and enrich this exchange. As humans reach for understanding of the world they ...
    • The Fourth Wall: Creative Arts Department Addition, San Francisco State University 

      Sehm, Robert (North Dakota State University, 2006)
      The project is an institute for the production and study of multi-dimensional media and the relationship it creates with its creators, inhabitants, and architecture. The thesis will examine the relationships between ...
    • Fractures of Memory: Filmic Depth as a Method to Mourn 

      Foster, Jacob (North Dakota State University, 2022)
      The living and the dead are currently separated from each other within our American cities. This divide has pushed society to disassociate the living and the dead, making them appear as separate entities. This creates ...
    • From Chaos to the Dinner Table: Transforming the Relationship of Production and Consumption in the Mill District of Minneapolis, MN 

      Burmeister, Brooklyn (North Dakota State University, 2016)
      How can the rituals surrounding the dinner table inform our customs of production and consumption to create architectural space that resides in the transformative gap where consumer is producer and producer is consumer? ...
    • Fundamental Urban Features Utilized by Small-Town America 

      Fisher, Traci (North Dakota State University, 2006)
      This project focuses on an entire city or town and how it must be designed to revitalize its center. Due to the fact that I will be looking at the entire cities, there is no specific site to be aware of. Two towns are the ...
    • Future Forum: Fostering Important Conversations 

      Gapp, Ryan (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      As a species we are approaching a convergence of a confluence of factors that will determine the fate of all future conscious experience as we know it. How we use technology in the near future will determine this playing ...
    • gAstronomic Innovation : a new methodology for nutrition education 

      Muckenhirn, Joshua (North Dakota State University, 2014)
      The title of the thesis is gAstronomic Innovation: A New Methodology for Nutrition Education. The question being investigated is, how can architecture be used as a tool to ultimately improve society’s overall health and ...