24/7 at the Library Fall 2021

coffee cup aerial view
November 23, 2021

24/7 at the Library is back! To support student success, the Main Library will remain open 24/7 starting Sunday, December 5 at 1pm until Friday, December 17 at 5pm. Here’s a look at what to plan for:


• NDSU ID Card required for access after 8:00pm Sunday through Thursday & 4:30pm Friday and Saturday.

• Campus Safety Escort Service: Additional campus escorts will be available to ensure your safety. Learn more here.

• Circulation closed: You can only check out items during normal operating hours.

• Study rooms closed: You can only reserve study rooms during normal operating hours. 


• Coloring and sticker mosaics

• Appearances by the Candy Fairy and free food donations

SPACE ASSESSMENT • We need your feedback!
We encourage you to note your thoughts about specific spaces on question boards that will be placed around the library (Dec. 3-17). Staff will also be asking questions in the Main Library lobby for a chance to win a gift card (Dec. 6-10). Please consider sharing your voice so we can continue to offer great spaces that fit the needs of NDSU students!

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Blue Key Honor Society, NDSU Police and Safety Office, Chick-fil-A West Acres, Prairie St. John's, and NDSU Libraries.