Mary McCannel Gunkelman
May 9, 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Mary McCannel Gunkelman Award nominee Linnae Weinrich, Libraries staff member, on being recognized for her contributions to creating an enjoyable environment at NDSU!

The purpose of the award is to honor the late Mary McCannel Gunkelman, a 1942 graduate of the College of Home Economics. Mary was firmly dedicated to the principle that a student would be more apt to attain his or her full potential if he or she were working and living in a gratifying environment. She further believed that the more enjoyable the campus and programs of NDSU, the better university it would be in the future. It is in the firm endorsement of Mary’s belief that this award was established and continues today.

Linnae Weinrich (pictured right) is the Stacks Supervisor at the Libraries where she supervises sixteen student employees. She was nominated by Abigail (Abby) Neisen, Access Services Student Assistant, who had wonderful things to say about her supervisor. "Linnae is one of the kindest souls you will come across," Abby states. "She is always willing to answer questions with great patience (whether that is questions from us employees, as well as patrons of the library, etc). She also acts as much more than just a boss for us students and me personally, she is like a second mother, a friend, a therapist, and a role model. All of my coworkers I have spoke with absolutely love coming to work because they know that they will get a smile and warm conversation with Linnae. Linnae also dedicates SO much time to improving the libraries."

Linnae's tireless efforts help contribute to making the library a happier place for the students and other users. Abby continues, "Because she so greatly impacts the lives of all of our coworkers at the library, the library has become many of our second homes (my first if I’m being completely honest), and we then bring in our friends and classmates. The community established by Linnae and built-up by my coworkers, has made the library a welcoming and uplifting place on campus, therefore making it a happier place overall. Her selflessness, kindness, love/passion, and overall warmth make her one of the greatest humans I have met."

We are lucky to have Linnae and Abby on staff at the Libraries. Join us in congratulating Linnae, all of the nominees, and this year's winner Krystal Grieger, graduate student in chemistry education. Thanks for your significant and unselfish contributions and helping create a happy environment for the enjoyment of NDSU students. Nominees were celebrated at the 34th Annual Mary McCannel Gunkelman Award Recognition Ceremony on May 4, 2022.


Group of nominees (left) and Linnae with NDSU President Bresciani (right)

The Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award was established in January 1987, by the late John L. Gunkelman and his family in memory of Mrs. Gunkelman, who was a 1942 graduate of the College of Home Economics. The purpose of the award is to honor the late Mary McCannel Gunkelman whose life, from the time she was a student on the campus of NDSU and throughout her unselfish life as a wife, mother, and active citizen in the Fargo-Moorhead community, found greatest expression and satisfaction in her contributions in creating an atmosphere of happiness for others to enjoy.