Collection Highlight: Institutional Repository

Institutional Repository
June 2019

The Institutional Repository (IR) is a significant resource for discovering the research legacy of our campus. It is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. The IR is a great place to find research and information about the accomplishments of NDSU students and faculty.  Some examples of what you might find are:

  • Materials from the recent Tribute to Theodore Roosevelt Luncheon in support of the proposed Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library
  • Completed student theses and dissertations (and short videos describing those projects)
  • Issues of the student newspaper, The Spectrum, starting with the very first issue
  • It’s Happening at State – a campus newsletter from the Office of the Vice President for University Relations

The IR also has an extensive collection of historic resources from the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service.  Some of the agricultural highlights include extensive resources related to Leafy Spurge research and nearly a complete run of the North Dakota Farm Research Bimonthly Bulletin.

The Institutional Repository truly is worthy of attention when it comes to NDSU research with a mission to both preserve NDSU's legacy and facilitate intellectual growth through digital preservation and scholarly communication.

The resources in the IR are free and open for all to use. They can be found at