image of online map
March 2022

Maps are a great way to visualize any information that has a geographic component. Most of us use maps almost everyday, primarily through online mapping apps or websites, such as Google Maps and other navigation systems. Maps can also be used to present information on important historic and current events, such as flood risks, the spread of COVID-19 and the invasion of Ukraine. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used to take geographic information and create online maps that make the information easy to understand and often include components that allow users to interact with the map and focus on the specific information they need. Examples from current events include:

You can find sources of maps, GIS data, and other geographic information on our Maps and GIS Research Guide.

If you are interested in learning more about using and creating maps and geographic visualizations of data, stop by the NDSU Libraries Data Visualization Lab in the Main Library, or visit the lab’s webpage for more information.