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April 2022

NDSU Archives is proud to announce the recent acquisition of the Presentation Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent Collection. The Presentation Sisters have been the story-carriers of the Presentation Story–the completion of Mary’s purification in accordance with Jewish law and the presentation of the birth of the first born–from their arrival in the United States to establishing a foundation in the Dakota Territory in 1880. The collection includes information on Nano Nagle, founder of the order; the establishment of the order in Fargo; and materials related to their educational ministry, health care, and social services activities. Safeguarding and preserving archival material has always been a priority for the Sisters. The care of their archives was entrusted to Sr. Camillus Galvin, Sr. Brigid Kavanagh, Sr. Mary Jo Hasey, Sr. Mary Margaret Mooney, and Sr. Maureen Walker, and Sr. Jan Ihli. Their archives were donated to the NDSU Archives in Fall 2021.

Lead NDSU Archives Associate John Hallberg states, "This collection adds to the various social programs materials at the Archives which include Lutheran Social Services, the Cass County Welfare Board, United Way of Cass-Clay County Records, and The Jane Bovard Papers. The Sisters played an important role in the Fargo-Moorhead community by providing essential social services."

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