"Great universities require excellent library resources. I believe a quality library is a crucial element in providing a foundation for lifelong learning and in supporting the skills needed to thrive in a global world." - Mary Lou Shott

The mission of the collection is to curate a collection of materials that allow students to explore new subjects, spark their imagination, and encourage a passion for reading.


The Collections

The Shott Collection

The flagship collection under this endowment, the Shott Collection includes award-winning and popular fiction and non-fiction material on all subjects: travel, science, history, exercise, food, and much more. This collection is housed in the Weber Reading Room, named in honor of Mary Lou's parents.


The Young Reader's collection

A lifelong love of reading begins with children. Established in the fall of 2020, this collection features books geared towards children eight (8) years and younger. Whether looking for bedtime stories or easy reads to build a child's confidence in their own skills, this collection has something to offer. Children's classics and modern award-winners are waiting to introduce young readers to fun tales and diverse perspectives!













The Shott Electronic Collection

Take the Shott Collection with you on your phone or e-reader. NDSU students, faculty, and staff now have access to eBooks and eAudiobooks through Overdrive. Download the Libby, by Overdrive app, or access the web version to read on your computer or make suggestions! 


Streaming Video

The Shott Endowment contributes to two streaming services providing students access to a variety of academic and leisure viewing options

Academic Video Online (AVON) View thousands of award-winning films and documentaries as well as archival film. 

Digital Theatre Plus Watch high quality productions from British theatre as well as interviews, essays, critiques and analyses. 




If you have any comments or questions about these collections and services, the Shott Endowment is managed by the Humanities Librarian.